Letters of Recommendation

How do I ask for a Letter of Recommendation?


  • Begin cultivation relationships with professors, counselors, supervisors, and leaders of groups in which you participate TODAY.
  • In all aspects of your college career, act with respect and integrity.  These actions will be the foundation for a good recommendation from those with which you have a relationship.


  • Start early when applying for scholarships, internships, and jobs.
  • Determine which applications require recommendation letters.
  • Mark the due date for applications on your calendar.


  • Create and keep an updated resume.
  • Keep a list of potential people who could write letters of recommendation for you. Be sure to write down contact information for them in case you move on and no longer see them regularly.


  • Ask people who you know well.
  • Explain what you need to be emphasized for the application (people skills, determination, academic progress, etc.)
  • Provide all necessary documents and information. Include all postage and pre-addressed envelopes.
  • Ask well in advance if possible.
  • Protect the integrity of the process by NOT asking to see or handle the letter.


  • Always send a HANDWRITTEN thank you note to the person who writes the recommendation letter for you.
  • Follow up information with information about whether or not you received the scholarship or job.