Did you know that nearly 30% of new UCA students are first-gen?

If you are, too, then you’re in great company! Many UCA faculty and staff members were also first-gen college students.  You can see some of their stories at the bottom of this page.

What is “First Gen?”

“First generation student” means that your parent(s) or primary guardians did not complete a 4-year college or university degree, no matter whether or not the rest of your family did.  If that’s you, our FirstGen@UCA Program is here to help you succeed in your efforts to earn your degree.  Many First Gen students are academically ready for college, but have questions about HOW to do college.  FirstGen@UCA can help answer those questions.  So ask your questions! Please let us know how to help you by contacting or by calling the office. *

Hear from Itzel, a first-generation student, about her experience with FirstGen@UCA and UCA F1RSTs!

Get involved with other first generation students!

UCA's FirstsThe First-Generation Scholars Society (UCA’s F1RSTs) purpose is to provide a place for first-generation students and their supporters to come together and share experiences. This organization provides resources, services, and programs to assist first-gen students in their success at UCA. We are a departmental-registered student organization (RSO) created to provide a support system of students helping students navigate through college. Click on the image on the left for more details about UCA’s F1RSTs. 

You can also connect with us on Cub Connect!! CLICK HERE

UCA and the Office of Student Success are happy to support and serve anyone who identifies as first-generation.  Still have questions? Watch the short video below or see our FirstGen@UCA Resources page for more information on resources for FirstGen students.  

FirstGen Faculty & Staff Stories