Fail Forward

Fail Forward Week (October 9-13, 2023)

Everyone fails at something.  Most of us fail quite frequently. The good news is that failure is the way the human brain learns best.  Through failure, we identify and focus on areas where we can improve. Failure encourages us to find new approaches to something and to change things. It invokes creativity and new thought patterns. We learn and grow from our failures.

Fail Forward Week is a time to stop and reflect on the positive outcomes of failure and the necessity of failure in life. The challenge is not whether you can manage never to fail — you will fail at something — but how you respond to your failures.

When asked about failure, the prolific 20th C Irish author Samuel Beckett said: “No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Join us in celebrating our failures and finding ways to fail forward!

UCA hereby presents a Certificate of Failure


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Fail Forward Week at UCA is sponsored by: UCA Student Success, Learning Communities, the Norbert O. Schedler Honors College, and the Department of Student Transitions.