General Regulations Regarding Use of Student Center Facilities

  1. No decorations may be affixed to walls, ceilings, or floors for any event without permission of the Student Center Director’s office. Approved decorations will be attached to self-supporting scaffolding or attachments provided, and materials to be attached to any surface in the Student Center will be held with string, twine, or masking tape. All decorations must be prepared outside of the building. Lit candles are not permitted.
  2. All decoration materials must be acceptable according to standard fire codes.
  3. Animals (except Seeing Eye Dogs) are not permitted in the Student Center.
  4. Property belonging to the Student Center such as pictures, furniture, works of art or other equipment may neither be taken from the building nor moved from one part of the building to another part without permission of the Student Center Director.
  5. Smoking is not permitted in the Student Center.
  6. The UCA Student Center is not responsible for any article lost or stolen within the building.
  7. No bicycles, roller skates, skateboards, etc., are allowed in the Student Center.
  8. Gambling is not permitted in the Student Center.
  9. Any organization using the Student Center agrees to enforce University rules and regulations forbidding the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances in any form.
  10. All refreshments and meals served within the Student Center must be purchased from the UCA contract vendor.
  11. No commercial sales or solicitation will be conducted within the Student Center or in the Student Center area, unless approved by the Directors office. All sales will be in compliance with the UCA Solicitation policy.
  12. Unless programmed through a specific activity in the ballroom(s) or meeting room(s), food and beverages will not be allowed in the second floor lounges, meeting rooms or common areas.
  13. Under no circumstances will signs, posters, or notices be placed on the interior or exterior walls, windows, walkways, stairways, terraces, finished surfaces, or doors of the Student Center.
  14. Failure to cooperate with members of the Student Center staff, who are enforcing the policies of the Student Center and acting in the performance of their duties, will subject the offender to disciplinary action as prescribed in the UCA Student Handbook.
  15. No organization, faculty, staff, or student, except an employee of the Student Center, will remain in the building after it is officially closed without the permission of the Student Center Director.
  16. Only Student Center employees are allowed behind the campus information desk or in other restricted areas.
  17. No amplified sound may be used inside the Student Center, except in the Ballroom (Room 205).