FBI profile to speak on campus

The Student Activities Board invites you to come hear one of the leading profilers and experts on serial killers. FBI Profiler, Robert Ressler Wednesday, February 25 7 p.m. Student Center Ballroom Robert Ressler is considered the world's leading authority on violence in contemporary society. Founder and former director of the FBI's acclaimed Violent Criminal Apprehension Program, Ressler … [Read more...]

Nuclear Whales to play at UCA

Their name, the Nuclear Whales, may have a contemporary flair, but their concert feels like a bit of a throwback to vaudeville. It is, in fact, just that. Adolph Sax invented the saxophone in the late 19th century. In the teen years of the 20th century, when the sax craze was at its peak, more saxophones were purchased than guitars were purchased in the 1960?s. Numerous saxophone orchestras … [Read more...]

Book scholarships available

The UCA Staff Senate is now accepting applications for the Staff Senate Student Book Scholarship and for the Staff Senate Employee Book Scholarship for the fall semester. The Student Book Scholarship is for children of full-time UCA staff employees who are in good standing academically and have completed at least 30 hours of college credit, while the Employee Book Scholarship is for full-time … [Read more...]

Presentations and Publications

A weekly listing of submitted presentations and publications by UCA faculty and staff. Submissions made to UCA Today are posted the following Friday. Dr. Jane McHaney, College of Education, recently accepted an Arkansas House Resolution on behalf of UCA recognizing the university?s outstanding work in teacher education and preparation. Reps. Roebuck, Chesterfield, Dickinson, Elliot, Fite, C. … [Read more...]

Stress Management Program

Earn one Healthy Knowledge Wellness point by attending a Stress Management program on Wednesday, Feb. 18, from Noon-12:50 p.m. in Student Center 203B. The program will be facilitated by Ernie Ness, Counseling Center Director. He will discuss tips for reducing daily stress and take participants through a relaxation exercise. Participation will count towards the current Employee Wellness … [Read more...]

UCA art students place public art in community

UCA art students have transformed the Tucker Creek Walking and Bike Trail into a place where public art is displayed for all to see. A number of the pieces are subtle, and others stand out beneath trail-goers feet. The project was originated and implemented by Dr. Gayle Seymour, professor of art history, and her senior art class. ?The art projects were designed to give people a sense of delight … [Read more...]

Former White House Staff to Speak on Hillary?s Foreign Policy

Melanne Verveer, assistant to the President, 1997 2001 and chief of staff to First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, 1997 2001, will speak on First Lady Clinton?s impact on recent U.S. Foreign Policy at 7:30 p.m., Monday, March 1, at the UCA Reynolds Performance Hall. The lecture, which is the first in a series of lectures about the Clinton Presidency, is free to the public. Identified most … [Read more...]

Trading Places coming to UCA March 5

Ever want them to walk a mile in your shoes? Students, faculty and staff will have a one-time chance to try it on Friday, March 5 from 8 a.m. until noon. That is when ?Trading Places? is coming to the University of Central Arkansas. Students will get the opportunity to see what it is like on the other side of the desk while faculty and staff will go to class - as students. The UCA Association … [Read more...]

Book scholarship applications available

Application forms are now available for book scholarships given each year to nontraditional women students by University Women, a nonprofit UCA organization. Interested students may pick up application forms at these campus locations: Advising Center/Undergraduate Office Graduate Office HPER Center Offices of all the deans Students Affairs Office in Bernard Hall Student Information Desk … [Read more...]

Sexual Responsibility Week

This week is Sexual Responsibility Week, and focuses on creating community awareness of issues regarding safe sex, sexually transmitted diseases and responsible sexuality. This year the Health Environment and Life Protection Committee have a whole week of events planned. Please let your students know these events are taking place, and encourage participation. Six large portions of the AIDS … [Read more...]