UCA faculty news

David Keith, guest lecturer in the Department of Mass Communication and Theatre, recently won the Kappa Tau Alpha Journalism Research Paper Contest at UALR. Keith's paper on "Style or Substance: What Viewers Like and Dislike about the Nightly Network News" was selected the outstanding journalism research paper at UALR. The paper was the result of a survey of how people in the Little Rock area … [Read more...]

UCA to unveil offical ring

The UCA Alumni Association and Association of Future Alumni will unveil the design of the new UCA Official Ring at a ceremony next Tuesday, March 11 at 1:45 pm in the UCA Student Center Ballroom. The new ring, designed in cooperation with Balfour, will feature elements that symbolize the unique traditions of UCA. All UCA graduates will be able to purchase the ring and wear it with pride, … [Read more...]

UCA Community Rallies to Support Tornado Victims

UCA students, faculty and staff have been assisting with clean-up efforts for victims of tornados that struck Arkansas on February 5. An initial group of 20 individuals went to Clinton, Arkansas on February 9 to assist with clean-up. The following Saturday, February 16, over 50 individuals went to Clinton to work in a relief center. On Saturday, February 23, 45 students and staff went to … [Read more...]

UCA to Host Job Fairs on Campus

Career Services is hosting the annual Teachers' Fair for education majors Friday, February 26, 2008. The following Wednesday, March 5 is the annual Spring Job Fair open to all majors. These events are held in the Student Center Ballroom from 9 am until 2 pm. Both events are open to students, alumni and the community.Each year these events continue grow in attendance. Just this past semester … [Read more...]

UCA Gets New Homes for Three Sports

UCA Athletics facilities improve with the construction of the Track/Soccer Stadium and the Baseball Stadium renovation. Both projects will truly enhance the sport offerings at UCA. The total $5 million project will continue to make our facilities great and further solidify our move to DI. … [Read more...]

Student Support "Live" at UCA

UCA Athletics, in association with Sonic Drive-In, sponsors the UCAlive Sonic Student Loyalty program for all sports. UCA students are vital to our growth in NCAA Division I athletics and UCAlive will bring the students right to the action. UCA Athletics give away big prizes each year (skydiving, flat screen tv, Nintendo Wii, Apple notebooks and tons of cash) that are only available to UCAlive … [Read more...]

Proud Member of D-1 Southland Conference

UCA Athletics is a proud NCAA Division I Athletics Program. UCA is a full member of the Southland Conference which is represented by institutions in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. The Southland Conference participates in the Football Championship Subdivision and in all other sports has the conference champion represent the conference in NCAA post season play. … [Read more...]

UCA Develops the Economy and Workforce of Conway

The future of the University of Central Arkansas and the City of Conway are inextricably tied together. UCA, founded in 1907, has evolved from a teachers college with 100 students to the state's second largest university, with 12,650 students. And UCA has evolved in athletics, from three football national championships in the NAIA to its current Division I athletic program. Conway's population … [Read more...]

Centennial Grads Presented with Alumni Lapel Pin

Graduates in 2007 became the first to receive a new UCA alumni lapel pin at graduation. It was the second phase of a tradition that began when the 2007 graduates first enrolled at UCA in 2004. That year, the Association of Future Alumni presented incoming freshmen with a small UCA lapel pin during Welcome Week. … [Read more...]

Alumni Association Surpasses Life Membership Goal

In 2007, the UCA Alumni Association set a goal of reaching 100 life members in honor of the university … [Read more...]