Logistics and Supply Chain Management (BBA)

Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) involves the coordination of purchasing, manufacturing, storage, and transportation of goods around the world. Check out the tag on your shirt. Bet it wasn’t made in America, was it? Wherever it was made, even if it was America, someone had to manufacture the shirt, purchase it from the manufacturer, determine how much to purchase so there’s not too much or too few of them to sell, store the product after its purchased, and transport it from the manufacturer through every stage in the supply chain until it reaches the shelf where you purchased it or arrives at your front door. Logistics and supply chain literally moves the world; every product to every place imaginable.

The benefits of pursuing an LSCM major or minor include:

  • Engaging with faculty who have real-world experience in Fortune 500 companies and academic preparation from the world’s top LSCM programs.
  • Networking and participating in executive education with the Arkansas Trucking Association, who represents and educates an industry that provides 1/11 jobs in Arkansas.
  • JOBS! We take pride in helping our students earn well-paid internships and full-time jobs after graduation. Our students have been hired by world-class firms such as JB Hunt, Maverick Transportation, ABF Freight, Amazon, Lockheed Martin, Union Pacific, Walmart, CH Robinson, Transcore/Intellitrans, Dillard’s, FedEx Freight, Knight Transportation, Stallion Transportation, and Bruce Oakley Incorporated to name a few.
  • Learning skills that can be applied in any industry, anywhere you want to live.