Human Resource Management (BBA)

Effective in Fall 2020, students may choose a Management Major with an emphasis in Human Resource Management or a Minor in Human Resource Management.

The Human Resource Management program will prepare students for career opportunities through courses dedicated to understanding the complexities of managing human capital. The term human resources encompass a wide umbrella of information, as organizations continue the shift from the traditional compliance requirements of HR to aligning HR practices with the strategic objectives of the firm. The curriculum, therefore, provides a strong understanding of historical HR content while also positioning graduates for the changing nature of the HR world and the expectations that surround managing, leading, and empowering employees at work. Areas of study include but are not limited to job analysis and design, compensation, government compliance, managing and leadership, global organizational planning, organizational attraction, employee attitudes, and the changing nature of the workforce.

Students will understand how to apply HR skills to their environments, as well as the theoretical justifications that promote these choices. Student engagement in the learning process, introspective reflection, and examination of leadership and management skills will receive primary focus. Students will be encouraged to pursue HR internships and be involved with the student organization, HR Club