Tayshas: Archaeology and Culture of the Caddo (March, 2022)

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Koo-Hoot Kiwat: The Caddo Grass House

The Caddo and Their Ancestors (March 3)
Have you ever wondered about the Native occupants of this land we now know as Arkansas? The Caddo are one of these former occupants and their contemporary tribal descendants now live in Oklahoma. Who are the Caddo? Prior to removal, ancestors of the Caddo were sedentary agriculturalists that thrived in what is today southwest Arkansas and portions of the neighboring states of Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Explore evidence of the earliest examples of Caddo culture whose distinctive way of life developed around A.D. 900 within the Caddo Homeland.

Cultural and Symbolic Expressions of the Caddo (March 10)
The distinctive way of life of the Caddo is defined by the unique cultural and symbolic expressions that constitute the daily lives. How did they organize their villages and utilize the landscape? What kinds of styles and designs define Caddo pottery? What forms of symbolic expression are emblematic of Caddo culture? How are these expressions utilized by Caddo people today? Discover the rich heritage of cultural and symbolic expressions that define and serve to connect ancestral and contemporary Caddo people.