The First People: The Earliest Inhabitants of Arkansas (March, 2021)

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Migration Patterns of Early Inhabitants (March 4)
Have you ever wondered about the first people to live in this land that we now know as Arkansas? How long ago did people first roam the landscape of Arkansas and surrounding regions? Known to archaeologists as Paleoindians, these people were highly mobile as they roamed the land gathering wild foods and hunting “megafauna” using sophisticated stone tool technologies. Explore current evidence revealing their various paths of migration as they first occupied North America.

The Daily Life of Early Inhabitants (March 11)
What about the daily lives of the earliest inhabitants? Paleoindians were very resourceful during a time in which the climate was very different. What was necessary of them to survive? What kinds of stone tools did they create and use? What types of foods did they hunt and gather? Examine the evidence left behind that reveals the day-to-day activities that define lives of Paleoindian people in Arkansas and North America.

Symbolic and Ceremonial Expressions of Early Inhabitants (March 18)
In addition to evidence for daily activities, there are also examples left by early inhabitants that provide a glimpse into their symbolic and ceremonial expressions. Did you know that the earliest documented ceremonial burial ground in the Americas is right here in Arkansas? This site is known as the Sloan site and is located in the northeast corner of the state. Discover who these people were and how the Sloan cemetery offers a unique window into the symbolic and ceremonial expressions of hunter-gatherers who occupied Arkansas.