Learn About Finance

UCA’s Finance undergraduate degree is set up to propel a student into a successful career.  Even though financial careers are vast and vary, graduates must work alongside others on a project or job to be successful. With this in mind, UCA provides students with the knowledge and skills to problem-solve, effectively communicate, and work with a team to accomplish goals. Graduates with a Finance degree from UCA will find themselves well equipped to assist businesses and households in their financial decisions.

Both the local and national economies have a strong and well-diversified financial services industry. Finance majors may find excellent employment opportunities in large corporations, small businesses, banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, real estate firms, etc. Each of these areas houses many specific professions, including:

  1. Appraisers
  2. Asset Managers
  3. Financial Consultants
  4. Financial Planners
  5. Investment Bankers
  6. Loan Officers
  7. Portfolio Managers
  8. Property Management
  9. Stockbrokers
  10. Treasurers

A few of these professions commonly spark student interest within the finance arena. The first is a loan officer. Loan officers are key in the borrowing and lending needs within the modern economy. Loan officers may be specific in their craft and specialize in business loans, home mortgages, consumer loans, and auto loans. Officers analyze their client’s financial data and work alongside banks, mortgage companies, and credit unions to meet their client’s needs.

The second area of interest is stockbrokers. Stockbrokers are the connecting point between the financial markets and their clients. Brokers may specialize in stocks, bonds, or commodities and do business directly with institutional clients such as banks and investment companies. The majority of stockbrokers, however, build their clientele among the public. Graduates will need a strong drive and marketing aptitude as compensation for most brokers is through commissions.

Lastly, there are financial managers. These managers focus on the major organizational decisions about the goods or services being provided, sources of long-term funding, and the day-to-day cash flows. Financially speaking, these functions are referred to as capital budgeting, capital structure, and working capital management. As financial managers develop and grow in experience and decision-making skills, they may achieve the title of Chief Financial Officer.

UCA finance graduates have numerous employment options. You really can “Go Here! Go Anywhere!”