About the Insurance and Risk Management Major

The Insurance and Risk Management major at the University of Central Arkansas is one of the fastest growing programs in the country.  Graduates are finding excellent employment opportunities and continuing students are finding rewarding internships.  Many students receive employment offers a full semester before graduation and over 90% of graduates begin careers in the insurance and financial services industries within 30 days of graduation. The UCA Board of Trustees approved a baccalaureate degree program in Insurance and Risk Management on May 5, 2000.  As Arkansas’ only degree program allowing students to major in Insurance and Risk Management, this program serves as a valuable resource for the insurance and financial services industry in the entire region. On May 6, 2005 the UCA Board of Trustee’s approved a second track in the Insurance & Risk Management degree program in Financial Planning. These degree programs are offered through the Department of Economics, Finance, Insurance and Risk Management (EFIRM).  Thus allowing the integration of economic theory and financial principles with insurance and risk management to prepare students for a variety of careers in the insurance and financial services industry.