Minority Mentorship Program

Minority Mentorship Program


The Minority Mentorship Program (MMP) was developed in 1991 to help students maximize their potential while attending UCA.  Students involved in the program have been shown to have higher grade point averages, participate in more student organizations and generally enjoy their time at UCA.

MMP begins with “Transitions Week” during the second week of the fall semester.  Transitions is a series of activities which focuses on getting freshmen students acquainted with campus life and meeting new people of color.  During Transitions freshmen are paired with an upper-class student who has gone through training to help them navigate the transition from high school to college.

This program is designed to aid in retention and graduation of the University’s underrepresented student population.  In conjunction with the Office of Diversity and Community,  the Mentorship Program has events scheduled throughout the year to support both academic and social growth.


The Mentorship Program is an umbrella for the retention-focused activities of the UCA Office of Diversity and Community.  Through it, we are providing structure and a vehicle for students to succeed academically and socially.  We are also creating a campus culture that expects and encourages success by assisting student to make the adjustments to college and by challenging them to maximize their potential.

Part of our challenge is to prepare  a group of capable and well-trained student leaders by maintaining a positive learning environment and empowering students to live, lead and learn.  It is our belief that the primary way to empower students is to entrust them with significant and meaningful responsibilities.  Thus students are given the opportunity to practice and develop their leadership, interpersonal and thinking skills through several avenues.

  1. Transitions is a program that introduces freshmen students to the university faculty, staff and students and to campus activities and organizations.  Through the vehicles of panels and a motivational keynote speaker, the workshop provides students with the necessary information to begin their college experience.
  2. Programs and events that focus on a variety of topics, study breaks, and intrusive intervention are the primary activities of the Mentorship Program.  Through the forums, we able to address study skills, health issues, life skills and interpersonal skills.  The one hour study breaks provide fun, food and fellowship as an outlet for students.  The intrusive intervention aspect of the program takes place as the peer or faculty/staff mentors contact the students throughout the semester.