About Us

The University of Central Arkansas (UCA) recognizes the changing demographics of our nation and how those changes will directly affect our University’s community. Therefore, UCA Office of Diversity and Community is committed to a policy of inclusiveness, understanding and acceptance of all regardless of race or ethnicity.

The mission of The Office of Diversity and Community is to provide multiple support services to enhance the academic success of students from underrepresented** populations in higher education to create an inclusive campus community.  Our mission is to promote student success through retention focused programs, mentoring, leadership development opportunities and life skills enrichment.

To help us achieve our mission, we have established the following goals:

  • Collaborate with other student service components on campus to provide support to underrepresented populations on campus
  • Increase minority student involvement in university leadership opportunities
  • Provide programs and services that will instill a university-wide appreciation for diverse perspectives and ensure equal levels of inclusion and participation.
  • Work in conjunction with student organizations to provide programming that promotes the communication and exchange of multicultural perspectives and value
  • Develop partnerships across campus with student-centered offices and faculty to help the university improve¬† retention rates.

For additional information about the Office of Diversity and Community, please visit us in Bernard Hall Suite 207 or contact Angela Jackson, Maria Negrete Padron or Travis Johnson at 501.450.3135.


**Underrepresented populations include ethnic minorities, female and/or LGBTQ+ students enrolled at the University of Central Arkansas