Faculty Development Grants

The Center for Teaching Excellence administers the awarding of competitive instructional improvement grants which are reviewed by the Faculty Development Committee. Funding for these grants are from two different sources, but the qualification requirements and application process are the same for both grants.

Faculty Development Grants & Farris Faculty Development Grant

Funding Sources: The traditional Faculty Development Grant funds are awarded from the Faculty Development Fund on a competitive basis by the Faculty Development Committee to faculty who submit written proposals for instructional or curricular development projects. Applications are reviewed 10-14 days after each deadline.

The Farris Faculty Development Grant was established in 2006 when former UCA President Jeff Farris and his wife Patsy endowed a $25,000 fund designated for faculty development. Guidelines for this grant are the same as those for regular faculty development grants, except that funds can roll over into the next fiscal year and hence are appropriate for activities scheduled for the summer months.

Funding Amounts: Awards are typically up to $750

Purpose of Grant: To support the improvement of teaching and curriculum development in all course modalities (traditional, web-enhanced, online, etc.)

Reviewing Body: Faculty Development Committee

Type of Activity Normally Funded: Online professional development, travel to workshops or conferences to improve teaching, conference speakers, faculty projects, books, software, equipment, etc.

Special Consideration given to Projects Involving: Pedagogical workshops with active participation with the goal of enhancing teaching effectiveness

Activities Excluded: Faculty salaries or stipends, faculty reassigned time, travel to present research, normal departmental travel


  • September 30
  • November 15
  • January 31
  • March 16 March 31
  • April 15 (Farris Fund)
    • Travel or PD must cross fiscal years to qualify (i.e., July, August, or September). Limited funds available.

Questions? Contact CTE: (501)450-5240 or cte@uca.edu

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The UCA Foundation also has grants available for faculty projects. For information on UCA Foundation Grants, visit the Foundation Faculty Grants website.

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