Faculty Development Committee


To foster curricular and course improvement and assist faculty in improving teaching. The committee reviews applications from faculty members to support, fully or in part, activities related to the development of curriculum and faculty instruction.


The director for the center for teaching excellence serves as permanent chair; one faculty member from each college chosen by the provost from a list of at least three nominees from each college provided by the deans of each academic college; one faculty member unaffiliated with the academic colleges, chosen by the provost; and two at-large members chosen by the senate. All members except the chair serve rotating three-year terms.



Member College Term Title
Amy Hawkins Permanent Director, Center for Teaching Excellence, Chair
Collin Hodges COB 2024 Provost/Dean
Vamsi Paruchuri CNSM 2024 Provost/Dean
 Holly Langster CHBS 2024 Provost/Dean
Chris Roland CAHSS 2026 Provost/Dean
Stefanie Sorbet COE 2025 Provost/Dean
Ben Garner At-Large 2025 Faculty Senate Appointee
Tammy Benson At-Large 2025 Faculty Senate Appointee
Doug Corbitt Unaffiliated 2026 Provost Appointee



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