Principles of Communication


Principles of Communication (COMM 1300) supports the UCA Core’s emphasis on critical inquiry and effective communication.

As you move through your academic career and into your professional career, you will appreciate the skills and knowledge gained in this class.  At the end of this course, you will have improved your overall communication skills and gained knowledge in how to better communicate both interpersonally and professionally.



Olive M. Hilliard Speech Showcase Award

The Olive M. Hilliard Award Fund was established by the faculty and students of the Department of Communication in 2010 to honor the memory of Olive M. Hilliard, our beloved colleague and instructor. Students enrolled in COMM 1300: Principles of Communication are eligible to participate in the Showcase.

To be considered for the award, students must deliver an outstanding speech in class and at the Hilliard Speech Showcase. Additionally, students need to possess characteristics reminiscent of Olive’s spirit, including the ability to demonstrate caring for others, the potential for leadership, and a desire to impact his/her community positively.


Showcase Winners

2021          London Blackwell

2020          Nicole Vincent

2019          Chloe Davis

2018          Jennifer Draper

2017          Laurie Nyangweso

2016          Brick Mason Cullum

2015          Mallory Calhoon

2014          Braxton O. Johnson

2013          Shelby Horner

2012          Keith Dove

2011          Lukas Deem