Professional Development Program

The end of a unique, challenging year of collegiate life is quickly approaching. No doubt your summer plans include relaxation and transitioning back to some kind of normalcy. Before you decide to spend the entire summer on the couch streaming, consider the following, paid, professional development opportunity that is open to all majors:

The Arkansas Center for Research in Economics (ACRE) Professional Development Program. 

What: Participants will read and discuss articles covering a variety of topics, as well as gain valuable skills and experience that will aid their personal and professional development. Topics like how to interview well, write professionally and design infographics. You will also develop working relationships with UCA professors with whom you may work on future research projects. Previous ACRE research projects have examined occupational licensing and immigration reform, state tax policy and how Arkansas school districts have adjusted student instruction in response to COVID. More information on these projects, and the UCA students involved, can be found at the following link:

When: June 1-August 6, with an estimated time commitment of 10 hours per week. We will meet virtually twice a week and hold conversations lasting approximately one hour. Holding virtual meetings allows students to be home and away from UCA campus, while still being able to participate in the program.  The remainder of the ten hours are allocated for reading materials or prepping assignments.

Why: Besides the inherent benefits associated with being exposed to new ideas, developing professional skills, making new friends, and interacting with professors in a more casual atmosphere, completing the ACRE Professional Development Program makes for an impressive line on your C.V., resume or graduate school application. Also note, you need not be an economics major to participate!

Stipend: Compensation for participation in the program is $11 an hour. Students who successfully complete the program are also given priority consideration for ACRE Reading Groups and travel scholarship opportunities.

If you have made it this far, please consider submitting an application by May 14th at the following link