The Past, Present, and Future of Work

By Dr. Jeremy Horpedahl

Are you a UCA student looking for engaging ideas, new friends, thoughtful discussions, a free weekly meal, and a $500 scholarship? Then apply now for ACRE’s economics reading group, “The Past, Present, and Future of Work.”  The deadline to apply is Monday, August 12.
The history of paid work and labor markets in the US is the story of increasing standards of living. It is also the story of women, immigrants, teenagers, and racial minorities encountering social and legal discrimination, and overcoming it (sometimes). Increasing skills, labor productivity, and wages have often gone hand in hand, though not always. Why not? And what does the future hold? Students will explore these and related questions through weekly readings by a variety of scholars.
On top of all the engaging readings, food, discussions, and scholarship money, the economics reading group will be attending an all expenses paid summit in Dallas on Southern Methodist University’s campus where you will meet with other students from Baylor, Texas Tech, and SMU, who have been reading the same works.
To learn more or apply, go here.