Recognition of Achievement

The CTE has developed an instructional improvement program to allow faculty to follow one of two tracks to achieve recognition for achievement.  Each track has both required and optional components.  Faculty will have one calendar year in which to complete the requirements of a track.  The following tracks are offered:

  • Teaching Excellence
  • Online Teaching Excellence

The objectives of the CTE through this program are to encourage ongoing instructional improvement, to recognize faculty for engaging in rigorous faculty development activities, and to establish a campus-wide mark of professional achievement related to teaching.

To encourage more systematic participation in faculty development activities and to aid the CTE’s record keeping, faculty now need to select a single track to follow and sign up for that particular track.

Recognition by the Office of the Provost and the Center for Teaching Excellence will occur in April each year.  For more detailed information on the two tracks, please see the flyer here: Recognition for Achievement Plans.

If you would like to participate, please sign up for a track here.  Signing up for a track does not register you to attend any event, so be certain to visit the Events page to register for the individual events you wish to participate in this semester.   We look forward to learning with you very soon!

Please fill out the form below to declare your intent to pursue the CTE's Recognition for Achievement.
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