Step 1: Create Program Purpose and Goals

Think about what the program’s purpose and goals are. This is not the department’s mission statement. These are the skills/knowledge that you want your students to have upon completion of the program. Remember as you do this that you are going to have to link measurable Student Learning Outcomes to these goals. Effective goals are broadly stated, meaningful, achievable and assessable. Goals should provide a framework for determining the more specific Student Learning Outcomes of a program and should be consistent with your department mission and the UCA mission.


Here’s a sample from Cal Poly Pomona:

Example: The program of _______________ will produce graduates who:

  1. Understand and can apply fundamental concepts of the discipline.
  2. Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  3. Conduct sound research.
  4. Address issues critically and reflectively.
  5. Create solutions to problems.
  6. Work well with others.
  7. Respect persons from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  8. Are committed to open-minded inquiry and lifelong learning.


Here is the part of the UCA CIP form you will need to complete when you have decided on your program purpose and goals:

CI Process Program Basics