This Collection contains the Correspondence, business papers, photographs, and memorabilia of the Clayton family.  It also contains business information on the family industries of Mode & Clayton, Clayton Grocery Co., and KCON Radio Station.  It includes some data on the Wade family of which Mrs. James (Madge) Clayton is a member.

The Clayton family was a prominent one in Conway.  William Beverly Clayton was born December 15, 1864 and died September 6, 1930.  He was in partnership with Mr. J.A. Mode in the business of Mode & Clayton Grocery.  He married Miss Carrie Condray on March 25, 1894, and they had five children.

Their oldest child, Beverly Paul Clayton, took over the operation of Mode & Clayton in the 1930’s and changed the name to Clayton Grocery Company.  He was trained as a historian but dedicated himself to running the family business.

The third child, Bennie Clayton, was born in 1899.  She married Reverend William Harvey Andrew, and they resided in Bryan, Texas, until her death in 1957.

Louise Clayton, the fourth child, was born around 1920.  She obtained her bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa, her master’s from the University of Chicago, and did graduate work at the University of Iowa, University of Texas, Columbia University and Arkansas State Teachers College.  Her teaching career in history began at Pine Bluff High School.  She later taught history at Central College and Ouachita Baptist College in Arkadelphia.  In 1948 she joined the Conway High School faculty and several years later transferred to the Junior High School.  She died January 20, 1960.

James Clayton was the last child.  He married Miss Madge Wade, and they lived in Conway.  James owned and operated KCON Radio Station, and he enjoyed pedigree dog breeding as a hobby.  Madge taught Latin at Conway High School for many years.  He and his wife were active in community activities like the Historical Society, Conway Community Arts, and the First Baptist Church.

Madge Clayton’s parents were Reverend and Mrs. Oscar Jefferson Wade.  Reverend Wade was an ordained Southern Baptist minister and preached at such prominent churches as Immanuel Baptist in Little Rock.

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The collection is arranged in three series including (1) Correspondence and Business Papers, (2) Photographs, and (3) Oversize and Memorabilia.

Series I – Correspondence and Business Papers.  Personal and Business Correspondence of W.B. Clayton, Business Information of Mode & Clayton, Correspondence of Beverly Paul Clayton, Personal and Business Information of Louise Clayton, Correspondence of James and Madge Clayton, Madge Wade Information.

Series II – Photographs,  Family Photographs, Political Photographs, Immanuel Baptist Church Photographs, Conway Public Schools Photographs.

Series III – Oversize and Memorabilia.  Genealogical Records, Obituaries, Family Keepsakes.

Tracings: Beverly Paul Clayton, Business and Industry, Cadron, Counties – Faulkner, Counties – Pulaski, Education, Faulkner County Historical Society, Franklin D. Roosevelt, James Clayton, Louise Clayton, Madge Clayton, Religion – First Baptist Church, Conway, Taxation, W. B. Clayton

Photograph Tracings: Clayton, Bennie, Clayton, James, Clayton, Louise, Clayton, Paul, Clayton, W. B., Mode, Sally Clayton, Religion – Immanuel Baptist Church, Little Rock



Series I – Correspondence and Business Papers

Box 1

File 1 – Personal Correspondence of W.B. Clayton containing a letter from Franklin D. Roosevelt (Oct. 11, 1928)

File 2 – W.B. Clayton, Insurance and Real Estate (undated)

File 3 – W.B. Clayton, Business Correspondence (1901-1905)

File 4 – W.B. Clayton, Business Correspondence (1906-1928)

File 5 – W.B. Clayton, Financial Records (undated)

File 6 – W.B. Clayton, Special Assessment Receipts (undated)

File 7 – W.B. Clayton, Poll Tax Receipts (undated)

File 8 – W.B. Clayton, Street Improvement Receipts (undated)

File 9 – W.B. Clayton, Faulkner County Property Tax Receipts

File 10- W.B. Clayton, Faulkner County Property Tax Receipts

File 11- Mode & Clayton, Legal Papers (undated)

File 12- Mode & Clayton, Business Correspondence (1908 – Mar. 1909)

File 13- Mode & Clayton, Business Correspondence (Apr. 1909 – May 1909)

File 14- Mode & Clayton, Business Correspondence (Jun. 1909 – Oct. 1921)

File 15- Mode & Clayton, Receipts (1904 – Oct. 1908)

File 16- Mode & Clayton, Receipts (1908 – Dec. 1908)

File 17- Mode & Clayton, Receipts (Jan. 1909 – Mar. 1909)

File 18- Mode & Clayton, Receipts (June 1909)

File 19- Mode & Clayton, Receipts (Jul. 1909 – May 1924)

File 20- Beverly Paul Clayton Personal (undated)

File 21- Clayton Grocer Co. Ledger, B.P. Clayton; A-F (1938-1943)

File 22- Clayton Grocer Co. Ledger, B.P. Clayton; G-M (1942)

File 23- Clayton Grocer Co. Ledger, B.P. Clayton; N-S (1942)

File 24- Clayton Grocer Co. Ledger, B.P. Clayton, Assets and Liabilities; T-W (1942 – Jan.1943)

File 25- Louise Clayton Personal & Correspondence (undated)

File 26- Louise Clayton Home Plans (undated)

File 27- Louise Clayton Business (undated)

File 28- Data concerning Cadron, compiled by Louise Clayton (approx. 1959)

File 29- James & Madge Clayton Correspondence (1939 – Mar. 1960)

File 30- James & Madge Clayton Correspondence (Apr. 1960-1980)

File 31- Madge Clayton, Conway Community Arts (undated)

File 32- Madge Clayton, Business, Teacher Contracts, School Information, and News Clippings (undated)

File 33- James E. Clayton, Business (undated)

File 34- Dog Breeding

File 35- KCON, Radio Station (undated)

File 36- Historical Society (undated)

File 37- Application for planning grant, Conway School District #1 (undated)

File 38- Conway Public School Information (undated)

File 39- Pamphlets, First Baptist Church (undated)

File 40- Newspaper Clippings (undated)

File 41- ”The Voice”, Bulletins of the First Baptist Church (undated)

File 42- Paul Clayton School Report Cards (1906-1908 & 1921)

End of Box 1

End of Series I



Series II – Photographs

Box 1

File 1 – Photographs, Conway Public Schools (1890, 1895)

File 2 – Photographs, Conventioneers at Eureka Springs (c. 1900), Science Class (c. 1910), and Pole Dance (May)

File 3 – Mr. & Mrs. W.B. Clayton (1907)

File 4 – Louise & Bennie Clayton, Conway School (1910 & 1920)

File 5 – Rev. Oscar Jefferson Wade’s Study, Sanctuary Chandelier, and Ladies Parlor of  Immanuel Baptist Church (1912)

File 6 – Mode & Clayton Grocery (1917, 1925, 1929, 1930)

File 7 – Paul Clayton (c. 1930)

File 8 – Bennie Clayton (c. 1930)

File 9 – James Edgar Clayton (c. 1952 & c. 1930)

File 10- Louise Clayton (c. 1960 & c. 1920)

File 11- Democratic Convention (1952)

File 12- Republican Party Pictures (1952)

File 13- Mrs. James Clayton’s Latin Club Pictures, Conway High School (1966)

File 14- Sally Clayton Mode, Condroy Boy, Charles (undated)

File 15- Unidentified Photographs, possibly Mrs. W.B. Clayton’s Parents

File 16- Unidentified Photographs

File 17- Negatives: W.B. Clayton Birthplace, King Cemetery, Early Faulkner County, etc.

File 18- Construction Work on Lake Maumelle

Item 1 – Mode & Clayton Store Record ledger for invoices, inventory, assets, and liabilities,Wholesale Groceries and Feed (1913-1922)

End of Box 1

End of Series II



Series III – Memorabilia and Oversize

Box 1

Item 1 – Genealogical Record showing Clayton / Condray Lineage (from 1695)

Item 2 – Genealogical Record showing Clayton Lineage (from 1665)

Item 3 – Genealogical Record showing Clayton / Condray Lineage (from 1141)

Item 4 – Genealogical Record showing Clayton Lineage (from 1665)

Item 5 – Memorial box of newspaper clippings of Clayton Family Obituaries (undated)

Item 6 – Ada Clare Wall’s Commencement Book

Item 7 – Automobile Blue Book (1925)

Item 8 – The President’s War Message (Apr. 2)

Item 9 – Application for Funds, Conway School District #1

Item 10- Policies, Rules, and Regulations of Conway Board of Education

Item 11- Pre-School Workshop Manual

Item 12- The Phrenological Journal (Oct. 1892)

Item 13- The Phrenological Journal (Dec. 1893)

Item 14- Directions for using the New Sun Typewriter (undated)

Item 15- New York Life Insurance Company Pamphlet (undated)

Item 16- Conway Garden Club (Feb. 1)

Item 17- The Government Book Store (1915)

End of Box 1

End of Series III

End of Collection