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Improve Transparency in Arkansas: Every Arkansas County Needs Fiscal Data Available On-Line by Dr. David Mitchell and J.T. Schrock

After surveying each of Arkansas’s county’s web presence, there seems to be no consistent structure or consistent content to the websites. Many counties in Arkansas have no significant web presence at all. One-third of counties in Arkansas had no website for the county government in any form. Only a handful of the remaining counties had any fiscal and budgetary information available on their website. This research estimates that no more than 11 percent of the voting public are likely to see the Annual Financial Report under Arkansas’ current requirement. ACRE’s solution for this would be to increase county-government web presence for every county in Arkansas, especially including government financial data, available to the public anytime, on demand. This information should be of a quality and structure so that it could be easily understood by anyone with a reasonable background in reading financial or business data. Finally, the information should be complete and be inclusive of all areas of government responsible to the County Judge.


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