ACRE: Our People


ACRE-Seize-the-Daisies-Photography(HighRes)(23of209)David Mitchell, Ph.D.

Dr. David Mitchell earned his B.S. and M.A. in Economics from Clemson University and was awarded his Ph.D. from George Mason University. While at George Mason, he had the pleasure of studying under two Nobel Laureates: James Buchanan and Vernon Smith. Prior to earning his PhD, he worked in the insurance industry in both the United States and Germany. Before starting at UCA, he taught at St. Mary’s College of California, Washington and Lee University, and the University of South Alabama. At the University of Central Arkansas, Dr. Mitchell teaches Principles of Economics, Public Finance, and Econometrics. His research interests include state level public finance, and entrepreneurship policy. He has published in the Journal of Economic Education, the Cato Journal, Forbes, and the Southern Economic Journal. He and his family live in Little Rock.


Program Manager

ACRE-Seize-the-Daisies-Photography(HighRes)(11of209)Christy Horpedahl, M.S.

Christy Horpedahl is the Program Manager at the Arkansas Center for Research in Economics. Prior to coming to UCA, Ms. Horpedahl taught as an adjunct professor at Buena Vista University (BVU) in Storm Lake, IA. She was a faculty member in the BVU’s Gender and Women’s Studies program and has lectured numerous times on the causes of the gender pay gap. She has taught courses on censorship; utopias, dystopias, and intentional communities; the lives and works of Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley; and George Orwell’s major works. Ms. Horpedahl received her Masters of Social Science from the University of Chicago with a focus on the intersection of economics and psychology. Her undergraduate degree is from the renowned “Great Books” school, St. John’s College in Annapolis, MD. She lives in Conway with her family.

Research & Program Assistants

ACRE-Seize-the-Daisies-Photography(HighRes)(6of209)Terra Aquia, B.A.

Terra Aquia is from the Tennessee mountains, but has called Conway, Arkansas home for the past five years. She graduated from the University of Central Arkansas in the spring of 2016 with a BA in history and a minor in anthropology. While an undergrad at UCA, she was an ACRE student research fellow, an executive officer in her sorority, and a Torreyson library student worker. Her research is on legal and economic history with a focus on the creation, implementation, and evolution of state-level legislation.

Ashley Wofford, B.A.

Ashley Wofford is a native of Conway, Arkansas. She graduated from the University of Central Arkansas in spring of 2017 with a BA in history and a double minor in honors interdisciplinary studies and English. As an undergraduate at UCA, Ashley was an ACRE student research fellow. Her research interests focus on property rights in Arkansas. Her most recent work explored the economic ramifications of clear property rights through examining tenancy in common property. Her current research is on the status of eminent domain in Arkansas.

Policy Analysts

ACRE-Seize-the-Daisies-Photography(HighRes)(15of209)Jacob Bundrick, M.S.

Jacob Bundrick, a native of northwest Arkansas, is a policy analyst with the Arkansas Center for Research in Economics at the University of Central Arkansas. His research spans public finance, financial economics, and economic development. Bundrick’s research has been published in the Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy and International Advances in Economic Research. His articles have been featured in Bloomberg BNA, the Baltimore Sun, Dallas Morning News, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Arkansas Business, and Talk Business and Politics. He has also been a guest speaker on the Paul Harrell Program, the Dave Elswick Show, and the Doc Washburn Show. Bundrick earned a BBA in Economics from the University of Central Arkansas, where he received a scholarship to play football for the UCA Bears, and a MS in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University.

Mavuto Kalulu, Ph.D.

Mavuto Kalulu is a policy analyst with the Arkansas Center for Research in Economics at the University of Central Arkansas. His research interests include K-12 education and public corruption. His work on corruption has been published in the Journal of Development and Communications and his articles on K-12 education have been featured in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Jonesboro Sun and the Log Cabin. He was awarded his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Mississippi and an MBA from Lincoln University. He lives in Conway.


ACRE-Seize-the-Daisies-Photography(HighRes)(4of209)Suzanne Massey, B.B.A.

Suzanne Massey graduated from UCA with a BBA degree and has spent a number of years managing operations in the hospitality sector, the education field and the finance industry. She has extensive knowledge and experience in accounting, human resources, legal compliance and business administration. At ACRE, Suzanne oversees the administrative and operational components of the program by ensuring best practices, excellent controls and attention to detail. Suzanne lives in Conway with her family and enjoys taking Philosophy classes, solving puzzles, listening to music and being outdoors.

ACRE Scholars

ACRE-Seize-the-Daisies-Photography(HighRes)(20of209)Jeremy Horpedahl, Ph.D.

Dr. Jeremy Horpedahl is an assistant professor of economics at the University of Central Arkansas. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from George Mason University in 2009, concentrating in public choice, public finance, and economic history. His research has been published in Econ Journal Watch, Constitutional Political Economy, the Atlantic Economic Journal, and Public Finance and Management. Dr. Horpedahl has also published op-eds in a variety of regional and national publications. In addition to his academic publications, several of his policy briefs and papers on favoritism and state tax codes have been published by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.


ACRE-Seize-the-Daisies-Photography(HighRes)(2of209)Zachary Donohew, Ph.D.

Dr. Zachary Donohew is ACRE’s Scholar-in-Residence and is affiliated with the Department of Economics, Finance, and Insurance & Risk Management. In addition to being an excellent professor in the classroom, Dr. Donohew is a specialist in natural resource economics. Through is research he examines how property rights institutions affect the allocation of resources such as land, water, and wildlife. He earned a master’s degree from Yale University, a PhD from University of California Santa Barbara and was a post-doctoral researcher at Texas A&M. Dr. Donohew teaches a course in environmental economics that describes how public policy, markets, and entrepreneurship affect the environment and vice-versa. Dr. Donohew’s research on water markets has been published in Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics and the Journal of Regional Science. His work on groundwater markets was published by the Conservation Leadership Council.


ACRE-Seize-the-Daisies-Photography(LowRes)(2of2)Thomas Snyder, Ph.D.

Dr. Thomas Snyder is an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Central Arkansas. He earned a B.A. degree in Economics at Florida State University and a PhD in Economics at Florida International University. At UCA, Dr. Snyder has taught Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics, Environmental Economics, Economics of Developing Nations, Econometrics, Comparative Economic Systems, and International Trade. His main research interests are economic freedom, entrepreneurship, and economic growth. Dr. Snyder has published articles in several journals, including the Journal of Private Enterprise, the Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy, and the Eastern Economic Journal. He has also served four years as the Resident Master of EPIC Residential College, an entrepreneurship-based program for upper-level students at UCA. Dr. Snyder currently lives in Conway, Arkansas.

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