College of Business Research and Project Presentation Day

The College of Business Research and Project Presentation Day is an annual event that offers a venue for showcasing signature offerings of the College of Business and give students the opportunity to present and highlight their accomplishments.

April 19, 2018 during x-period




First prize: Cindy Jovin – Dynamic Ticket Pricing. Faculty: Dr. Mark McMurtrey

Sabrina Runge & Hannah Lewter showed off their clothing brand Awaken Atelier, and received second prize in their category.

Second prize: Sabrina Hossain – Corporate Governance and Firm Performance in Oil & Gas Industry in the US. Faculty: Dr. Mike Casey

Honorable metion: Brittany Hart – Supply Chain Management: Managing the Supply Chain in Pediatric Healthcare. Faculty: Dr. Mark McMurtrey


Faculty judges circled the College of Business analyzing student projects and giving constructive feedback.

First prize: Ashley Wofford – Heirs’ Property in Howard County. Faculty: Dr. Zack Donnohew

Second prize: Isaac Sims – Crime and Neighborhood Revitalization. Faculty: Dr. Michael Yoder

Honorable mention: Afriye Fodio & Courtney Cox – E-Payment in Cote d’Ivoire. Faculty: Dr. Alex Chen

Honorable mention: Alexandria Tatem – Sales Tax Elections in Arkansas. Faculty: Dr. Jeremy Horpedahl


First prize: Addison Meyer – Effects of Tax Depletion Allowance on Groundwater Management. Faculty: Dr. Zack Donohew

Second prize: Nicolai Alter – Use of E-Payment in China. Faculty: Dr. Scott Nadler


Thomas Moore presented his research on Casinos and Public Policy at the 2017 COB Research and Project Presentation Day.

First prize: Thomas Moore – Casinos and Public Policy. Faculty: Dr. Jeremy Horpedahl

Second prize: Markus Schweikert & Tobias Hackl – E-payment Germany. Faculty: Dr. David McCalman



First prize: Brian Lewis, Brittany West, Bobby Yost, Brayden Wells, Brian Wan, Adam Davis, Vivian Guo & James Allen – Model UN Database. Faculty: Dr. Mckinzie, Dr Hill, Dr. Mullenbach

Second prize: Sabrina Runge & Hannah Lewter – Awaken Atelier. Faculty: Dr. Michael Rubach


First prize: Richard Newman, Hunter Plante, Johnathan McClennan – BuzzHub. Faculty: Dr. Bill Doshier

Second prize: Devin Dishner – Bare Toes. Faculty: Dr. Bill Doshier

Devin Dishner handmade a protoype sleeping bag for his product, Bare Toes, a sleeping bag with a removable bottom for one’s feet.


First prize: Leia Smith Branding – Business Faculty: Dr. Anthony McMullen

Second prize: Anastasiya Klimiankova – Strategic Planning. Faculty: Dr. Constance McKnight, Dr. Karen Oxner


First prize: Kathryn Fletcher – Kniteo. Faculty: Dr. Ron Duggins


Thank you to all of the students, faculty, and staff that make this event a success!