Email Newsletters

We manage the account for UCA’s official email marketing software called Campaign Monitor. It is our goal to make certain your email campaign pieces meet university branding and style guide requirements.

Working with Publications and Creative Services, we will design and implement an appropriate email template(s) for your campaign. Once the account information has been passed along to you, you are free to add content, recipients and pay for your own campaign.

If you want the features listed below and more, please let us know.


Make it personal by inserting your subscribers name in your newsletter.

Forward to a friend

Let your recipients spread the word virally and we’ll track the results.

Only pay when you send

Simple pricing that means you only pay when you send.

Powerful reports

Track the opens, clicks, forwards, unsubscribes, bounces and more.

Google Analytics

Automatic Google Analytics link tagging to easily track your sales and conversions.

Forward to a friend

Track viral activity by seeing exactly which subscribers forward on to a friend.

Link Clicks

Learn what subscribers are interested in by which links were popular, who clicked.


See who bounced and why, and we’ll figure out if we should try again or remove.


We make sure you don’t accidentally try and send to them again in the future.

Top-notch delivery

Authentication, relationships with ISPs and more ensure your emails are delivered.