Veteran Readiness and Employment

VR&E Application

Basic Period of Eligibility

There is a 12-year basic period of eligibility for VR&E services. The period begins on the latter of the following dates:

-Date of separation from active duty

-Date of were first notified of a service-connected disability rating

Who is Entitled to Receive VR&E Service?

Active-duty Service members who:

-Expect to  receive an honorable discharge

-Obtain a VA memorandum rating of 20 percent or more

-Are participating in the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) or have an injury or illness that prevents them from performing military duties. *Service members participating in IDES are presumed entitled. Updated October 2018

-Are determined by VR&E to need vocational rehabilitation services

Veterans who:

-Have received an honorable or other than dishonorable discharge

-Have a VA service-connected disability rating of:

-10% with a serious employment handicap, or

-20% or more with an employment handicap

-Are determined by VR&E to need rehabilitation

How is Entitlement Established?

You are entitled to services if:

-You have a 20% service-connected disability AND

-You have an employment handicap