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Updated information and web site for the Arkansas National Guard Tuition Waiver Program (NGTW) formerly NGTA (Air National Guard and Army National Guard)

FROM: O’Connell, Bridgette C NFG NG ARARNG (USA)

Changes to the NGTW program January 1, 2021 (formerly NGTA).

A couple of years ago, we changed the application process for Air Guard members. Most should be aware of these changes. Their applications need to include a Commanders letter of good standing and are emailed directly to their Wings. The email addresses to submit their applications are at

About a year ago, NGTA became NGTW. In addition to the name, there were two main changes to the program:

1) NGTW may also cover mandatory fees depending on funding availability. The institute of higher education that the Guardsman attends determines what fees qualify as mandatory.

2) The application period was extended from 30-60 days prior to the start of the semester to 60 days prior through 30 days **after** the start of the semester. It went from a 30 day application period to a 90 day application period.

The two recent changes to the program are:

1) The NGTW site is now We recommend that student go to the NGTW site to locate the current application.

2) Effective 07 January 2021, we will no longer accept applications with a name typed in the signature block. We must have a true digital signature or physical signature. If the applicant is physically signs the application, it may scan or photographed and emailed to us. If a student submits a physically signed application, we request that they also submit the digital application that they typed their information into. If we can copy and paste the information from the application to our database, it expedites processing and minimizes errors.

Our current application is a pdf; however, we still accept the older Excel application – if it is digitally or physically signed.

Applicants may find the following links helpful:

How to digitally sign Excel

How to digitally sign a pdf

Please feel free to contact Mrs. O’Connell if you have any questions.

Bridgette O’Connell, CIV
Education Assistant
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