Graduate Study at UCA

Graduate Dean: Dr. Angela Barlow, 450-3124

[1] Programs and Degrees

For information about graduate programs or graduate assistantships, contact the Graduate School at (501) 450-3124. Online, see the Graduate Bulletin and the Graduate School.

For a list of both undergraduate and graduate programs, see Academic Program and Organization in this bulletin.

[2] Concurrent and Dual Undergraduate/Graduate Enrollment

Undergraduate students may apply to take graduate-level courses concurrent with the completion of their undergraduate studies. Two enrollment statuses have been created to meet this need. Applications for either status must be filed with the Graduate School at least six weeks prior to the start of registration. Undergraduate students may apply for either enrollment status as is appropriate to their qualification and semester of undergraduate study. Any student, however, may benefit from either the concurrent or the dual-enrollment status during their studies—not both. The total number of graduate-level hours available to complete under either status option is eight (two three-hour courses with, if applicable, associated one-hour lab components), and all courses must be associated with a single graduate program.

Approval of either enrollment status does not admit a student to graduate study at the university and is subject to approval by the program coordinator, the department chair, and the Graduate Dean. The student’s total credit load (graduate and undergraduate courses) will not exceed 15 credit hours during any semester of concurrent or dual-enrollment status.

Concurrent Undergraduate/Graduate Enrollment. If a senior is in the last term of enrollment before receiving a baccalaureate degree from the University of Central Arkansas and is otherwise fully qualified to enter graduate study, that student may be admitted to concurrent status. This status allows the undergraduate student to enroll in graduate courses; however, the graduate course credits are not applied to the baccalaureate degree. The student’s entire program is subject to the regulations and requirements for graduate study. Concurrent enrollment is not available for education, nursing, occupational therapy, or computer science students.

Dual Undergraduate/Graduate Enrollment. If a senior is in good standing and has either a minimum of 3.0 overall undergraduate GPA or 3.0 GPA on the last 60 hours, the student may be admitted to dual-enrollment status and receive undergraduate degree credit for the graduate course(s). Courses for dual enrollment are limited to cross-listed courses at the 4000/5000-level. Hours for completed graduate coursework with a grade of C or better may count toward the student’s undergraduate degree. Hours for completed graduate coursework with a grade of B or better may also count toward a graduate degree. Students interested in dual enrollment should contact their department’s Graduate Program Coordinator prior to the semester(s) in which they wish to be dual enrolled. Not all programs allow students to participate in dual enrollment.