Graduate Study at UCA

Graduate Dean: Dr. Angela Barlow, 450-3124

[1] Programs and Degrees

For more information about graduate programs or graduate assistantships, contact the Graduate School at (501) 450-3124. Online, see the Graduate Bulletin and the Graduate School.

For a list of both undergraduate and graduate programs, see Academic Program and Organization in this bulletin.

[2] Concurrent Undergraduate/Graduate Enrollment

If a UCA senior is in the last term of enrollment before receiving a baccalaureate degree and is otherwise fully qualified to enter graduate study, that student may be admitted to concurrent status. Application for Concurrent Status must be filed with the Graduate School at least six weeks prior to registration. The student’s entire program is subject to the regulations and requirements for graduate study. Graduate credit will be received only if the student completes the requirements of the bachelor’s degree during the term in which the graduate courses are taken. Not all graduate programs allow concurrent enrollment.

Concurrently enrolled students are not admitted to Graduate School, nor are they guaranteed admission to a graduate program. Students who fail to graduate at the end of the semester will not be allowed to enroll in further graduate level courses.