Change Log


This file will record any substantive additions or modifications that are required after the publication of this issue of the UCA Undergraduate Bulletin. Email if you have questions.

January 2024

♦ Added HIST 4V91 and HIST 4392 to the list of History electives. (2024-01-31|sm)

October 2022

♦ Corrected credit hour information for the BFA in Studio Art (2022-10-18|jag)

August 2022

♦ Corrected BFA Studio Art credit hour requirement statements and updated related numbers (2022-08-19|jag) [See October 2022, above.]

February 2022

♦ Clarified prerequisite for ACCT 2310 (2022-02-21|jag)
♦ Updated Admissions policies for students beginning in Fall 2022 (2022-02-16|sm)

January 2022

♦ Updated electives list for the Communication major (2022-02-08|jag)
♦ Corrected minimum IELTS score in Admission of International Students, English Proficiency section (2022-02-03|jag)
♦ Corrected total hours for major in Theatre (2022-01-17|jag)

November 2021

♦ Removed the Bachelor of Arts option from the Geography program page (2021-11-22|jag)
♦ Added new course MUS 4302 Jazz History II (2021-11-12|sm)
♦ Changed course title for MUS 4301 and added to the UCA Upper-Division Core (2021-11-12|sm)
♦ Added courses CSEC 3320 and PSYC 3333 to the UCA Upper-Division Core (2021-11-12|sm)

September 2021

♦ Updated course description for MATH 1395 (2021-09-15|sm)
♦ Added LING 2320 or LING 2350 as prerequisites to WLAN 4315, WLAN 4325 and WLAN 4330 (2021-09-15|sm)
♦ Added a second option for the Minor in Art (2021-09-15|sm)
♦ Added IDSN 3310 as a prerequisite to ART 3325 (2021-09-15|sm)
♦ Added New Grade Appeal Process (2021-09-14|sm)

May 2021

♦ Published the 2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin (2021-05-27|jag)

Page updated: October 18, 2022