Change Log


This file will record any substantive additions or modifications that are required after the publication of this issue of the UCA Undergraduate Bulletin. Email if you have questions.

December 2017

Corrected course number in the list of Journalism electives JOUR 4332 to JOUR 4333 (2017-12-20|sm)

October 2017

Corrected electives list for the General Writing Minor (2017-10-28|jag)

March 2017

Corrected statement of required hours in the Planning and Administration track of the Environmental Science program (2017-03-27, 2017-04-20|jag)

May 2016

Added course CSCI 4357 Programming Mobile Devices (2016-05-17/sm)

July 2015

Corrected required courses list in the Health Education major (2015-07-15/jag)

February 2015

Corrected elective list in Biology program page (2015-02-04/jag)

March 2014

Corrected course number for Introduction to Publishing in the Professional Writing track of the BA in Writing (2014-03-20/jag).

January 2014

Removed outdated sections from the World Languages page (2014-01-21/jag).

Updated KPED program page (2014-01-07/jag).

December 2013

Updated the BSE Middle-Level Education Program. (2013-12-13/sm)

Updates throughout based on curriculum changes effective Spring 2014, including new courses and course changes in PHIL, RELG, CHIN, MGMT,  PSYC, HED, and MSIT. (2013-12-13/sm)

Updated Health Education major requirements.(2013-12-13/sm)

Updated and relocated the Intensive English Program page. (2013-12-10/jag)

November 2013

Updated minor requirements for Marketing and Management (2013-11-19/sm)

Updated elective major and minor course options in Public Relations and Communication (2013-11-18/sm)

Updated Professional Education Unit / College of Education admission requirements. (2013-11-13/sm)

Updates throughout based on curriculum changes effective in fall 2013, including new courses and course changes in SPCH, CHN, MCOM, IDSN, NUTR, FACS, RADG, MGMT, MIS, FILM, MUSIC, KPED, UNIV and WRTG. (2013-11-13/sm)

Added ACTS number to ENGL 1320. (2013-11-07/jag)

October 2013

Minor correction to Pre-Pharmacy program of study page. (2013-10-27/jag)

September 2013

Updated UCA Core page with current director’s information (2013-10-06/jag)

Updated Degree Requirements, Major and Minor with an modification to the “27-hour-rule.” (2013-10-02/jag)

Updated ACTS page and table to reflect current ADHE database records. (2013-09-23/jag)

Removed graduate course from undergraduate WRTG course list. (2013-09-10/jag)

August 2013

Added the new STEMteach minor and STEM courses to the UBUlletin. (2013-08-20/jag)

June 2013

Updates to AP credit table (in Registration and Credit page) reflecting recent policy changes and updating course titles. (2013-06-22/jag)

Nursing program page updated to reflect changes effective in fall 2013.

Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) information added to course lists and this bulletin’s ACTS page.

Updates throughout based on curriculum changes effective in fall 2013, including new courses and course changes in SCI, MATH, CHIN, GEOG, WRTG, NURS; change in CLEP policy for the College Composition exam; policy on transfer of the 35-hour State Minimum Core curriculum. (2013-06-08/jag)

May 2013

Updates throughout based on curriculum changes effective in fall 2013. (2013-05-11/jag)

Minor clarifications in Secs. 2.1 and 2.2 of the Admissions policy; no substantive changes (2013-05-10/jag)

April 2013

Update calculus course numbers: MATH 1496 (formerly 1591), MATH 1497 (formerly 1592), MATH 2471 (formerly 2371) (2013-04-18/jag)

Updated the following pages, at the request of the respective areas: (1) Physical Therapy, (2) Music, (3) Enrollment Management, (4) College of Liberal Arts (2013-04-21/jag)

Update Degree Requirements with the new 15-hour residency requirement for the Associate of Arts degree (2013-04-21/jag)

Restore Health Education minors – for PETE majors and for Non-PETE majors (2013-04-08/jag)

Update electives list for baccalaureate degree in Biology, effective Fall 2013

March 2013

Changes passim as requested by departments to bring UBulletin 2013 up to date (2013-03-31/jag)

February 2013

Publication of the UCA Undergraduate Bulletin, Annual Issue 2013-2014 (2013-02-10/jag)

Change Log updated: October 28, 2017