Student Training

Student Training

The University of Central Arkansas has registered you to complete an online training titled “Student Empower Plus-Title IX & Campus SaVE Act/VAWA.” This training is hosted by Workplace Answers, and it is part of UCA’s comprehensive sexual misconduct prevention and awareness programming for students.

The online training course opened in August 2016 and is strongly encouraged to be taken within 30 days of receiving your personalized link.

Workplace Answers will send an email with your personalized link to take the training.

The training can be taken on any computer with access to the Internet. All online participation will be electronically tracked and recorded. You will receive reminder emails as long as the course remains incomplete.

Please note that you are not required to complete all of the training in one session. If you need to return to the training, the program will bring you back to where you last were in the course. You may use your personalized link to resume your training or to review material at a later date.

Student Empower Plus is interactive and contains many challenging and interesting real-life scenarios. This training covers sexual violence, alcohol and drug abuse prevention, students’ rights and responsibilities, stalking, harassment, bullying, and other issues associated with Title IX.

Before you begin the Student Empower training, please remember:

  • You will need Internet access and audio capabilities.
  • Use a major web browser released within the previous two years to avoid technical issues.
  • You may complete the course in multiple sittings. Use your personalized link to resume your training or to review material at a later date.
  • Contact the UCA Disability Resource Center at 501-450-3613 if you require accessible media.
  • Please ensure your Flash Player is updated to the most current version.
  • Please ensure your browser’s zoom is set to 100%.

Student Empower is not the only available course, you have other optional courses that you may take. These courses include:

  • The Bystander Effect
  • Let’s End Intimate Partner Violence
  • Study Strong
  • Spring Break Smarts
  • Greek Life: In the Know
  • Sexual Violence and Foreign Travel
  • Active Shooter for Students
  • Campus Safety
  • Bullying Prevention

If you have questions about the online content, training process, or material, feel free to email Mindy Pipkin, Associate General Counsel and Compliance Officer, at