Staging Your Future

This event is canceled for 2018.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have many people register for Staging Your Future @UCA Theatre 2018. Considering the large amount of work that goes into organizing this event, we decided to cancel.

Free Workshops and Production!

UCA Theatre faculty, staff, and college students come together to welcome high school (grades 9-12) students, potential college transfer students, and teachers* from across the state during Staging Your Future. Guests get to attend two workshops and watch a UCA Theatre production.

*All of our workshops are approved for professional development credit for teachers.

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Bridges/Larson Theatre, Snow Fine Arts Center

Saturday, November 3, 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Registration ends on Friday, October 12.


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Registration is free, and lunch will be provided. Participants will attend two workshops each and have the option of watching a UCA Theatre performance.  

2018 Workshops:


Taught by Shua Miller, actor, playwright, and board member for The Lantern Theatre.

Participants will be introduced to the basic expectations of an audition. Topics will include monologue selection, attire, headshots and resume, preparation, and presentation. There will be a demonstration of effective auditions by current UCA students.

Basic Knot Tying

Taught by UCA Theatre Technical Designer, Jamie Bray.

Knots can be intimidating.  Basic knot tying teaches the participants how to tie various knots commonly used in rigging for the theatre.  Students will learn how to tie a clove hitch, half hitch, figure eight, and a bowline knot. This workshop will give students a chance to get hands on practice tying knots under the guidance of an expert.

Costume Selection for ‘Tis Pity

Taught by Shauna Meador, UCA Theatre professor and Production/Budget Director. 

A costume can reveal so much about the character. The Costume Selection workshop will explore the process of selecting a wardrobe for ‘Tis Pity. It will touch on the importance of style, color, and materials.

Dance for Musical Theatre

Taught by Lisa Harper, UCA Theatre dance instructor. 

This workshop will be an introduction to the skills and training required for a good musical theatre performance. Students will focus on dancing and movement while embodying a believing musical theatre character. 


Taught by Anthony McMullen, UCA Director of Forensics and Assistant Professor of Business Law.

The thrill of debating is no easy task. Join UCA Director of Forensics as he walks students through a debate round. 


Taught by Dr. Kevin T. Browne, UCA Theatre history professor, acting professor, and Theatre academic director.

Improv is the art of creating theatre on the spot without a script. This workshop encourages risk, spontaneity, active listening, and teamwork. Experience how saying “yes and” creates engagement and community!  

Scenic Painting

Taught by Dr. Greg Blakey, UCA Resident Designer.

Scenic painting is a growing art form that can turn a piece of lumber into a rusted street sign or a simple scrap of cloth into a beautiful stained glass window. Join us in a demonstration of a few simple techniques that contribute to the illusionary art form that is scenic paint.

Sing for Musical Theatre

Taught by UCA Theatre instructor, Ruthann Curry Browne.

This workshop will be an introduction to the skills and training required for a good musical theatre performance. Students will look at an analysis of song lyrics, acting techniques for song interpretation, the vocabulary of the field, audition techniques, and believing musical theatre characters. 

Stage Combat

Taught by UCA Theatre senior, Augustine Nguyen, who is certified in unarmed stage combat through SAFD.

This workshop will explore the basic hand-to-hand combat for the stage covering topics such as slaps and falls. The emphasis will be on learning proper techniques to safely implement some basic stage combat moves.

Suzuki Training

Taught by UCA Theatre instructor, Brady Ness, who is a certified instructor in the Suzuki Method.

The Suzuki method is a rigorous and highly physical method of acting training. This training serves the performers by becoming more aware of the movement of the environment and movement.

TEACHERS: Play Selection & Directing Young Actors

Taught by UCA Theatre instructor, Ruthann Curry Browne.

It can be a struggle to select a play with material that is suitable for a school setting. This workshop will explore play selection and techniques for working and directing with young actors.


‘Tis Pity

by John Ford

“It was written in 1633 after Shakespeare had died and really feels like an homage to the bard and his plays – specifically Romeo and Juliet.” says Director Chris Fritzges. “’Tis Pity is a story of forbidden love between two young individuals who get caught up in plots of love and revenge that ultimately decide their fate.”

Performed by UCA Theatre.

Age-appropriate selected scenes will be performed for Staging Your Future @UCA Theatre.


University of Central Arkansas
Snow Fine Arts, Room 230
201 Donaghey 
Conway, Arkansas 72035

 Snow Fine Arts Center is located at the heart of the UCA campus. Parking is located within walking distance of the theatre. A covered awning drive-up is in the front of the facility and handicapped ramp access is at the rear of the theatre. Please allow for ample time for parking.

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We look forward to helping you stage your future!

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