SvrcToday’s Veterans face numerous obstacles as they work towards a college degree. These challenges may include missing the camaraderie of a military unit, feeling like an outsider when among traditional students, or difficulties communicating with university faculty. When coupled with the visible or invisible wounds of war, these obstacles can seem insurmountable for men and women returning from military service. However, the Student Veterans Resource Center (SVRC) is working together with the Student Veterans of America (SVA) to empower veterans as they conquer these challenges and achieve their goal of a college degree. 

To new or returning students who want to access our Orgsync and/or sign-up to be a member of the SVA, here is a simple step by step guide to finding us.

  1. Go to Orgsync.com and sign in with your UCA login.
  2. Type in the search for anything tab: Student Veterans of America (SVA).
  3. Look through our contact information and explore the page for our current events!

For Military females and veterans there is a number of resources relevant to not only your Education, but your Health, and Well-being. For a list of these resources you can click here.