Cost & Financial Aid

Affordable Excellence

At UCA, we want to make sure that not only do our students get a good education, they get one of value. Classes here are taught by faculty, not graduate assistants. Students are given research and publication opportunities at the undergraduate level that most students don’t have until graduate school. And, with our low student-to-professor ratio, you get to know them and, more importantly, they get to know you — providing a higher quality education. And that’s a value you can’t put a dollar amount on.

Tuition and Fees Calculator

To calculate your cost of attendance and fees, use the tuition and fees calculator.

Summer Housing Rates

  • May intersession – $425(double)/$625(single)
  • Summer I – $595/$795
  • Summer II – $595/$795
  • August intersession – $135/$215

Summer sessions have many benefits:

  • Attending Summer Sessions can help you graduate on time or even early.
  • Financial aid may be available in the summer. Contact the Financial Aid office to inquire about eligibility at or (501) 450-3140.
  • Check the Career Center bulletin boards located in Bernard Hall or call 501-450-3134 for the availability of summer jobs on campus or call (501) 450-3134.

Summer Financial Aid Eligibility Quick Facts

Please note that each student’s eligibility is dependent upon their specific circumstances. As such, students should be encouraged to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid if they have questions.

  • For students who have a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file for the current academic year (Summer 2021 requires the 20/21 FAFSA), once enrolled, their federal aid eligibility will automatically be determined. There is no separate summer application.
  • The number of credit hours in which a student is enrolled for the summer and the term(s) in which the student is enrolled for the summer will affect the amount of aid for which the student is eligible.
  • All students must be enrolled at least half-time, even in the summer, to receive a federal student loan. Half-time is six credit hours for an undergraduate and five credit hours for a graduate student.
  • Pell-eligible students enrolled in at least six undergraduate credit hours for the summer term may be eligible to receive a Pell Grant in the summer even if they received a full Pell Grant in the prior fall and spring terms.