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What to Expect When You Arrive

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Any person who is suspected of having speech or language difficulty can be seen at the UCA Speech-Language-Hearing Center. Services are provided between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday by appointment only.


To schedule an appointment or to inquire further about services, please contact Amanda Rehm at 501.450.3176 or

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Attendance Policy

  • Patients who call or arrive greater than 20 minutes after their originally scheduled
    appointment time will be considered a no-show and will not receive treatment at that time.
  • If a third no-show or cancellation/reschedule with no 24-hour notice should occur, the patient may be dismissed from the clinic unless extenuating circumstances exist. Attendance of overall sessions must remain at 80% regardless of cancellation notice.
  • Sessions missed will not be made up.
  • The clinic will close due to inclement weather (tornadoes, snow, flooding). If it is unsafe for you to travel to UCA due to weather, please do not do so. During the Fall and Spring semesters, if Conway Public Schools close or move to virtual or AMI days, then the UCA SLHC will also close. In Summer, the client must make the decision about the safety of travel due to weather. Sessions missed for inclement weather will not be made up.
  • Clients will only be billed for sessions attended.
  • If a participant misses a special program session, those sessions will not be made up.

Clinic Calendar

Every semester has a certain timetable that describes therapy start dates, holidays where there will be no services, clinic closures, and end dates. Please refer to the following clinic calendar for the current semester.

Summer 2024
  • Start Date for Therapy:
    • June 10, 2024
  • Holidays/Clinic Closures:
    • July 4, 2024-4th of July
  • Last Day of Therapy:
    • August 1, 2024

Billing and Payment

The SLHC is proud to provide affordable care for patients. The cost per therapy session attended varies according to the type of service rendered. Clients will receive monthly invoices for all sessions attended. Clients can pay with cash, check, or debit/credit cards. Receipt of payment will be mailed upon request. For detailed information regarding cost, contact our clinic manager, Amanda Rehm, via phone (501.450.3176) or email (


We welcome your feedback on any number of issues, from your therapeutic experience, to the clinical professional(s) with whom you work, office staff, clinic facilities, forms, or this website. Your constructive comments help us to improve client experiences for everyone!

Clients are encouraged to let us know at any time if concerns arise about any aspect of your services. You can communicate to us in many ways, such as:

  • Contact our Clinic Director, Candice Robinson, via phone (501.450.5776), email ( or in-person conversation.
  • Contact the supervisor of the graduate clinician with whom you are working. 
  • Provide written feedback on our Evaluation of Therapy Services form.

We sincerely appreciate and value partnering with you to prepare our Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology graduate students. We hope you find our services to be patient-centered, and we invite you to provide us with feedback via email or a phone call to let us know how we are doing.

On behalf of our students, faculty and staff, thank you for choosing the UCA SLHC!