Autism Therapy


PRT and DTT are research based therapy methods which are proven to work effectively with children who have autism and other developmental disorders.

“Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) is one of the best studied and validated behavioral treatments for autism. Derived from applied behavioral analysis (ABA), it is play based and child initiated. Its goals include the development of communication, language and positive social behaviors and relief from disruptive self-stimulatory behaviors.”  (Autism Speaks)

“Discrete trial training (DTT) is a one-to-one instructional approach used to teach skills in a planned, controlled, and systematic manner. DTT is used when a learner needs to learn a skill best taught in small repeated steps. Each trial or teaching opportunity has a definite beginning and end, thus the descriptor discrete trial. Within DTT, the use of antecedents and consequences is carefully planned and implemented. Positive praise and/or tangible rewards are used to reinforce desired skills or behaviors.” (National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders).

Both DTT and PRT are offered at the UCA SLHC.  Children can be seen for these therapies individually, or in groups during the summer SPLASH camp.

Key Age Groups Served:  Children


Characteristics of Disability:  Children who are eligible for this therapy include those on the autism spectrum, and those with developmental disabilities which affect communication such as Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and other intellectual and developmental deficiencies.

Child Evaluation Form

Therapy Groups:  SPLASH Summer Camp

Useful Resources:–Adolescents-with-Down-Syndrome/