Audiological Services

The University of Central Arkansas SLHC is proud to offer non-biased, evidence-based hearing health care services to residents of central Arkansas and throughout the state. Our Doctor of Audiology works with the UCA Speech-Language Pathology graduate students as well as Audiology doctoral students from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences to offer a wide range of services for hearing related disorders.

Included Services

– Newborn hearing screening and follow-up for infants under six months of age.

– Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations for children over 6 months of age and adults of all ages. Referrals will be provided to appropriate hearing aid providers, if indicated.

– Assessment of Central Auditory Processing Function (must be at least 7 years of age)

– Treatment/Therapy for Central Auditory Processing Disorder for children and adults (must be at least 7 years of age).

– Hearing Healthcare Services for Musicians (tinnitus evaluations, specialized testing).

– Professional In-Services and Consultation for Educational Settings


Additional Resources

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Patient Education Handouts available at

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association