Summer Programs

ROTC Training Camp Robinson

Cadet Summer Training (CST)

Basic Camp

ROTC Training Camp Robinson

Basic Camp is a 32-day training event of intense classroom and field training held in the summer at Fort Knox, KY for those that join ROTC after their second academic year. The objective is to develop Cadet leadership skills and train them on individual and junior leader tasks to develop and reinforce Warrior Ethos and our Army Values. Basic Camp provides the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in ROTC, and, ultimately, the Army.

Advanced Camp

ROTC Training Camp RobinsonAdvanced Camp is a 35-day training event designed to develop a cadet’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and to forge them into tough, adaptable leaders who can thrive in ambiguous and complex environments. Cadets take this capstone course following their Junior year. Advanced Camp is held at Fort Knox, KY and is a prerequisite for commissioning.

Cadet Advanced Individual Training (CAIT)

Air AssaultCAIT is a summer training program that affords highly qualified and motivated Cadets to attend some of the Army’s specialty schools during the summer.

Air Assault School

Air Assault School is a 10-day course designed to prepare Soldiers for insertion, evacuation, and pathfinder missions that call for the use of both transportation and assault helicopters. Air Assault training focuses on the mastery of rappelling techniques and sling load procedures, skills that involve intense concentration and a commitment to safety and preparation. This is a competitive school, and cadets must prove their physical capability through tryouts prior to being selected for a slot.

Airborne School

Airborne SchoolAirborne School is a three-week course designed to teach cadets how to parachute from an aircraft and land safely on the ground. This is a competitive school, and cadets must prove their physical capability through tryouts prior to being selected for a slot. This is a competitive school, and cadets must prove their physical capability through tryouts prior to being selected for a slot.

Mountain Warfare School

Mountain Warfare School is a 14-day course at Fort Ethan Allen, VT, designed to instruct students in Army operations in mountainous terrain. Graduates of the course get the E skill identifier as a Military Mountaineer. Mountain Warfare School is extremely rigorous.

Cadet Troop Leadership Training (CTLT)

Cadet Troop Leadership Training (CTLT)Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT) provides Cadets an opportunity to experience leadership in an Army unit over a three to four-week period. Cadets may serve in lieutenant-level leadership positions. Platoon Leader positions have a 3-4 week duration depending on the hosting unit and location. Assignments include units that are located both in and out of the United States. Cadets are assigned a unit mentor, and are provided on-post lodging and meals via a Dining Facility. This program is exclusively designed for MS III Cadets typically after completion of the Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC).

Cultural Understanding Language Proficiency (CULP)

Cultural Understanding Language Proficiency (CULP)Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency (CULP) became a part of Cadet Command in 2010. The division is building a system of complimentary programs and incentives aimed at producing Officers who possess language and cultural skills required in the state of persistent warfare expected in the 21st Century.

The desired outcomes for the CULP program are:

  1. Culture and language immersion internship programs. The initial target is to reach 30% of SROTC Cadets experiencing a deployment outside the continental United States (OCONUS) for culture and language immersion prior to graduation and commissioning.
  2. On-campus foreign language and cultural studies. The initial target is to reach 75% of SROTC Cadets completing at least two semesters of the same foreign language or associated cultural study.

Leadership, Development and Assessment Course (LDAC)

Leadership, Development and Assessment Course (LDAC)The Leader Development and Assessment Course, also known as Operation Warrior Forge, is held annually at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. The U.S. Army’s largest training exercise, LDAC is the U.S. Army Cadet Command’s capstone training event.

The purpose of the course is to train U.S. Army ROTC Cadets to Army standards, to develop their leadership skills, and to evaluate their officer potential. Most Army Cadets attend LDAC between their junior and senior undergraduate years after having contracted to join the Army. Successful completion of LDAC is a prerequisite to becoming an Army officer through ROTC.

Nurse Summer Training Program (NTSP)

Nurse Summer Training Program (NTSP)Nursing students who are also Army ROTC Cadets have an opportunity for a unique summer nursing experience. The paid, three-week Nurse Summer Training Program assigns Cadets to Army hospitals throughout the U.S. and Germany. NSTP is approximately 120 hours of clinical nursing experience.

The program introduces Nurse Cadets to the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) and to the roles and responsibilities of an Army Nurse Corps Officer. Under the supervision of an experienced Army Nurse Corps Officer, you will obtain hands-on experience. Your one-on-one clinical experience will allow you to hone your clinical skills, develop your problem-solving techniques and become comfortable with developing your professional skills as a member of the U.S. Army Healthcare Team.

Additional Training Schools for ROTC


  • SAPPER Leader Course
  • Jungle Warfare
  • Basic Combat Diver Course

Read more about these additional training opportunities at Specialized Schools.

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