Post Approval

1. Pay close attention to your IRB or IACUC approval expiration date. Research projects may not continue past their approval expiration date. The date on which your project’s IRB/IACUC approval expires can be found on the official IRB/IACUC approval memo. Generally, IRB Exempt projects are approved for three years; Expedited and Full Review projects are approved for one year. IACUC projects are approved for 3 years. If you are unsure of your project’s approval expiration date, please contact Research Compliance.

***Reminders are emailed at the first of the month prior to the expiration date.***

2. If you wish to continue your IRB research project beyond its original approval expiration date, electronically submit an IRB Application for Continuing Review at least but not more than 30 days before the project’s expiration date. Projects may be continued twice over the course of three years total project time. As indicated on the Continuing Review application, be sure to submit as attachments any amendments or modifications to the project as well as any changes to consent documents.

Research that originally qualified for Exemption or Expedited does not require continuing review.

3. When you finish your IRB research project, you must electronically submit an IRB Final Report for Research. This report communicates to us that your research has concluded properly. Research for which a Final Report has not been received may be considered non-compliant.

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