Masks are required as the campus is at red status.

Rules & Tips you should know

Expectations & Rules of the Potential New Member (PNM):

  1. Meet the university’s eligibility requirements: enrolled as a full-time student in good standing, 2.5 high school GPA for entering freshmen, 2.5 UCA GPA for current UCA students, 2.5 transfer GPA for transfer students
  2. To make recruitment run as smooth as possible, you should become familiar with the sorority recruitment process by reading all the information pertaining to recruitment on Panhellenic’s website. Ask questions if you do not understand!
  3. Arrive on time to every event during the recruitment process and communicate with your Pi Chi if there are any issues.
  4. Have an understanding of the recruitment policies and be able to recognize if you are being recruited inappropriately and report misconduct by sorority members to your Pi Chi, Panhellenic Exec, and/or Panhellenic Advisor.
  5. Adhere and understand the silence rules.
    1. The sorority members are always practicing “Positive Panhellenic Contact” where sorority members are not allowed to talk specifically about their sorority to potential members but should be encouraging women to go through the recruitment process and join the Greek community.¬† If you have a specific question about a sorority, contact the Panhellenic Advisor or that specific sorority’s Delegate located on the contact page.
    2. August 19, 2021 starts Greek Silence where no contact should occur (including living together) between potentials members and sorority members (including alumnae) outside of the day’s recruitment rounds.¬† This includes verbal, nonverbal, written, printed, text message, electronic communication or communicating through a third party. You should make no attempt to contact or communicate with a sorority member or alumnae and should report all attempts if a sorority and/or sorority member or alumnae attempts to contact you.
  6. Should not accept gifts or letters from or give gifts or letters to sorority members or alumnae prior to or during the recruitment process. This includes meals, admission to events, purchasing anything that you would otherwise have to pay for.
  7. Be cognizant of behaviors and choices made before and during the formal recruitment process.
  8. Must attend all events that you are invited to during formal recruitment. If you choose to not attend an event, you are automatically withdrawing yourself from recruitment.
  9. Respond back to your Pi Chi with any questions or concerns.
  10. Should not inquire about the affiliation of Panhellenic Exec or any Pi Chi.
  11. Report any illness during recruitment immediately to your Pi Chi.
  12. Wear the provided Panhellenic t-shirt during round 2.
  13. Contact your Pi Chi and complete a withdrawal form if you decide to discontinue the recruitment process once it begins.
  14. Complete the online survey if you chose to withdraw from recruitment before the recruitment process starts on August 19.
  15. Should not think about computer algorithms or methods to trick the recruitment system – recruitment is not a computer game!
  16. Fully understand the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement  before you sign. (You complete this form immediately after the 3rd round of recruitment).
  17. Recognize that the promising of bids is strictly prohibited and you should never believe you are guaranteed a bid in any sorority.
  18. Should not discuss the preferences you listed on your MRABA with any other PNM or sorority member.


If you feel that a sorority member has broken one of these rules and as contacting you and/or discuss inappropriate things with you, you should complete a Panhellenic Violation Report and submit to your Pi Chi, a Panhellenic exec member, or Panhellenic Advisor.


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