Thank you for taking time to invest in our assessment of sorority recruitment. Before you begin our survey, we would like to provide you with a brief description of the purpose of this assessment, as well as some guidelines to completing your survey. We would also like you to note that your responses to these questions will remain confidential. You will not be penalized should you decide to later go through recruitment based on your responses to these prompts.


As a participant, we ask that you complete the survey fully and to the best of your ability. Please feel free to take your time completing any questions. We ask that you be as thorough as possible when answering questions, so the Panhellenic Council can best understand your responses and their implications on sorority recruitment.

In addition, we ask that as a participant you identify with all of the following categories:
1.) You signed up for sorority recruitment prior to the start of the formal recruitment process
2.) You withdrew or did not attend formal recruitment in fall of 2021

Begin Survey:
  • If you are withdrawing prior to August 1, 2021, a reimbursement check will be mailed to the address on your recruitment registration form. If you prefer the check be mailed to an alternative address, please enter that address here.