Joining a Sorority

Have you ever thought…”Is Greek Life for me?” Do you like meeting new people? Do you want to get involved at UCA? Do you want to be a leader on campus? Do you like helping others by performing community service? Do you want to be a part of an organization that promotes academic excellence? Do you want to find a place to call “home” at UCA?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions then Greek Life at UCA might be for you!

All of our NPC sororities are outstanding and are committed to providing opportunities for their members to help them develop their greatest potential as students and as women. Sororities today are far more than just social organizations; they facilitate the growth and development of their members and contribute much to the community. Please know, however, that affiliation with a sorority is not a prerequisite for an active and successful college experience. Joining a sorority, therefore, should be an individual decision, one which you make for yourself, not for your mother or your sister or best friend. Whether you join a sorority or not, recruitment will be a time for making new friends and beginning a new and exciting part of your life.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Good standing with the university.
  • All students must be enrolled as a full-time student.
  • Entering freshmen must have at least a 2.5 high school grade point average.
  • Current UCA students must have at least a 2.5 UCA grade point average.
  • Transfer students must have at least a 2.5 grade point average on their transfer transcript.

Beyond this minimum standard established by the University, individual sorority chapters may have higher standards for eligibility.

Fall Formal Recruitment

This annual event takes place at the beginning of the Fall semester. It’s a great way to meet all four of our sororities. With specifically timed rounds, invitation lists, and limits to the number of sororities a potential member might meet each round, it’s very structured and a great way to get a fresh look at all of our National Panhellenic Conference sororities. This is how most of our members join.

Continuous Open Bidding (COB) (Informal Recruitment)

Continuous Open Bidding is a way for sororities to bid women outside of the fall formal recruitment period. Not all chapters will be eligible to participate in the COB process each semester, but participating in COB is a great way to get to know and potentially join chapters in a more a causal, less structured environment. It doesn’t operate on a schedule, so some sororities will complete their COB process before another begins theirs. If you’re interested in sorority membership, though, and a chapter invites you to a COB event, you should attend. If you missed out on formal recruitment, this is a great way to try and find a sorority home at UCA.

The COB Interest Form for each semester can be found on the Panhellenic Cub Connect page under the Forms tab.