UCA to gauge potential retail tenant interest

Donaghey RenderingCONWAY—Today the University of Central Arkansas announced that it will spend the next few weeks determining the level of interest various businesses might have for a possible first phase of the University’s development of the “Donaghey Corridor.”

Last year, the UCA Board of Trustees authorized the engagement of an architectural firm to begin initial planning for a mixed-use development along Donaghey Avenue, with the first phase to be a two block area from South Boulevard to Martin Street.  The Little Rock firm of Polk Stanley Wilcox was selected and has been working with University officials on the design of the first phase.

According to UCA President Tom Courtway, it is important for the administration to have a good idea of potential businesses that might want to lease space in the development “so that when we present this matter to the UCA Board of Trustees for their review and discussion they will have all necessary information as they consider the overall project.”

“The UCA Board has not given the formal go-ahead for the project, but has only authorized the initial planning,” said Courtway.  “We will continue the analysis and discussions with the Board as we move forward, but we believe it is very important at this time to gauge the level of interest in the commercial/retail part of the proposed development.”

A brochure is attached describing the proposed mixed-use development.

For more information or to ask questions, please contact T. J. Johnston, Director of Special Projects and Community Affairs, University of Central Arkansas, Wingo Hall, Conway, AR  72035.  Mr. Johnston’s telephone number is 501-428-3095 and his e-mail address is TJohnston@uca.edu.

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