Mark Mullenbach

The University of Central Arkansas Department of Political Science has received a $35,000 grant to hold a Model United Nations camp on the UCA campus July 15-20.

Funded by an Academic Enrichment for Gifted/Talented in Summer grant from the Arkansas Department of Education, the Arkansas and the World: Model United Nations Summer Camp will allow 40 Arkansas students entering 10th through 12th grade to learn about international affairs while residing on the UCA campus.

“Model UN is an educational program that uses simulations of United Nations bodies to teach students about international relations,” said Mark Mullenbach, associate professor of political science and camp director. Mullenbach said each student will represent an ambassador from a different country.

Mullenbach said the grant provides funding for housing, meals and other expenses, along with ensuring that students can participate free of charge. Students will take part in educational workshops, UN General Assembly committee and plenary sessions in the Student Center, and evening group activities in the McCastlain Ballroom.

Speakers during the camp include Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, Warwick Sabin with Winrock International and Rodrigo Morales with the Mexican Consulate in Little Rock. Activities and speakers are closed to the public.

Mullenbach said the camp is a beneficial experience to students who have never been to a college campus and to students who do not receive exposure to international relations in high school.

“We think it’s very important for high school students to learn about the world and global issues while they’re in high school so that they will be better citizens and informed citizens and voters,” Mullenbach said. “It is beneficial to society as a whole and to the country at large. This is just one small way of providing high school students with exposure to international affairs and global issues.”

For more information on the Arkansas and the World: Model United Nations Summer Camp, visit https://uca.edu/politicalscience/model-united-nations/arkansas-and-the-world/.