Student Journalists Win Awards from Arkansas College Media Association

The Echo staff hold up certificates

Students from The Echo won 20 awards, including best college newspaper. Photo by The Echo.

The University of Central Arkansas School of Communication netted multiple awards from the 2022 Arkansas College Media Association Contest (ACMA), covering work done by its student journalists during 2021.  

The student-run newspaper, The Echo, along with its online version,, took home 23 awards, including newspaper of the year, reporter of the year, editorial cartoon, election/political reporting and news writing. 

News6 students hold up certificates

The News6 staff won 9 awards, including television outlet of the year. Photo by News6.

News6, the student-run news television station, won nine awards, including television outlet of the year, interpretative/investigative reporting, sports feature and weather. 

The ACMA is composed of student media outlets at public and private two-year and four-year colleges and universities in Arkansas. The awards were announced at an April 8 meeting at the Arkansas State University in Jonesboro campus. 


The Echo

Newspaper of the Year

  • First Place: The Echo

Newspaper Editor of the Year

  • Third Place: Delaney Van Wilpe

Reporter of the Year

  • First Place: Addison Freeman

Photographer of the Year

  • Second Place: Madison Ogle




  • Third Place: Madison Ogle, “Gas leak cartoon” 
  • Honorable Mention: Madison Ogle, “Zodiac cartoon”

Cartoon Strip/Panel Entertainment Cartoon

  • Honorable Mention: Madison Ogle, “Cartoon Sept. 22, 2021” 

Editorial Cartoon

  • First Place: Madison Ogle, “Cartoon Sept. 8, 2021”
  • Third Place: Madison Ogle, “Cartoon Sept. 15, 2021”


  • First Place: Edmund Burke, “Arkansas Supreme Court blocks proposed mask ban”

Front Page Layout

  • Third Place: Delaney Van Wilpe & Addison Freeman, “Front Page Nov. 10, 2021”

General Column

  • Second Place: Olyvia Gonzalez, “Social media doesn’t need your sonogram photos”

In-Depth News

  • Honorable Mention: Delaney Van Wilpe, “Community reflection spurred by anniversary of 9/11”


  • First Place: Delaney Van Wilpe, “Brianne Little discusses fear of failure and imposter syndrome in Women in Music series”
  • Honorable Mention: Mia Waddell, “Sugar Bear name change fails by majority”

News Photo

  • Third Place: Ian Lyle, “Year of COVID-19 and more” 
  • Honorable Mention: Mia Waddell, “Gas leak photo”

Sports Column

  • Second Place: Emilee Hagewood, “Should the Sugar Bears drop Sugar?”

Sports Feature

  • Third Place: Madison Ogle, “UCA football coach proposes after Bears win against UAPB”

Sports Photo

  • Third Place: Lindzie Lunsford, “Women’s soccer”



Articles-Arts & Entertainment

  • Second Place: Jacob Smith, “‘Stillwater’ sends waves of excitement back to moviegoing”


  • Second Place: Delaney Van Wilpe, “Musical expression is not for politics to decide”


  • First Place: Elvira Toddy, “UCA employee, mother of three, murdered by ex-husband”
  • Second Place: Sarah Smythe, “Conway man arrested for Jan. 6 Capitol riots”

Meeting/Speech Coverage

  • Second Place: Mia Waddell, “Presidential Town Hall talks tuition freeze, COVID-19 vaccine updates”

Topical Reporting/Blogs

  • Second Place: Bennett Tinnermon, “Doodling to calm your boggled mind”



Television Outlet of the Year

  • First Place: News6


  • First Place: Trevor Cook, “Pedestrian Walkway over Stone Dam Creek on Campus”
  • Second Place: Chase Mauk, “Local Music During the Pandemic”

News Reporting

  • First Place: Ladell Tyler, “Windgate Center for the Performing Arts”
  • Third Place: Berris Teague, “Pumpkin Patch”

Sports Feature Award

  • Second Place: Thomas Gillette, “Estes Stadium”
  • Third Place: Brett Walker, “Campus Recreation”
  • Honorable Mention: Brett Walker, “Bear Den”

Weather Award

  • Second Place: Anthony Reiter, Trevor Cook, and Collin Gallimore, “The Snow Remains — UCA Weather Update”