Former presidential candidate visits campus

It was a reception befitting a presidential candidate, and former candidate Wesley Clark seemed to thoroughly enjoy his visit to the University of Central Arkansas on April 7. Brought to campus by the Serving Central Arkansas Together student organization and introduced by UCA President Lu Hardin, the former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO forces was warmly welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd of … [Read more...]

College Volunteer Day

The 9th Annual Takin? It To The Streets ? College Volunteer Day is from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., Monday, April 12. Students, faculty and staff from UCA, Hendrix College and Central Baptist College will join forces to go out into the community and volunteer their services to various non-profit agencies and organizations. A kick-off rally will be at 3 p.m. at Central Baptist College near Bates Plaza, … [Read more...]

Murray receives grant for biology study

Dr. James Murray, Department of Biology, recently received a $5,490 grant for a study that will encode the flow direction by a simple nervous network. According to Murray, ?The marine slug Tritonia uses microscopic flow sensors in its head to detect water flow and change the shape of its body which reduces the hydrodynamic drag and may serve as a directional cue in navigation.? He continued, … [Read more...]

Tarkka receives grant to develop methods to synthesize materials

Dr. Richard Tarkka, Department of Chemistry, and undergraduate student Brent Newsom, recently received a $3,000 grant to study the synthesis of new dendrimers for organic/inorganic composite materials. The objective of the project is to develop methods to synthesize materials that have the potential to be used in lightweight displays as sensors, antistatic coatings, optical switching devices … [Read more...]

Arrigo receives math grant

Dr. Danny Arrigo, Department of Mathematics, recently received a $2,500 grant to study the nonclassical symmetry analysis of a nonlinear wave equation system. According to Arrigo, ?The nonlinear wave equation has many important applications including modeling the flows of gases and liquids. Analyzing such equations is important in describing and predicting phenomena such as one-dimensional gas … [Read more...]

Clancy receives grant to continue study of preterm infants

Dr. Barbara Clancy, Department of Biology, received a grant of $8,334 to continue a study of the effects of adverse perinatal experiences on cortical organization. The grant is being funded through the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences by the National Institutes of Health. As medical advances enable the survival of more preterm human infants, concern is rising over the adverse … [Read more...]

Federal Grant makes lives healthier

A federal grant from the Maternal and Child Health Bureau is helping make the lives of Southeast Arkansas families healthier as the University of Central Arkansas connects these families with healthcares services that many in the region have never had before. ?The purpose of the grant is to recruit and retain health care providers for rural areas in Arkansas. We chose the Southeast because it … [Read more...]

Student Health Services

When students are sick, probably the last thing they feel like doing is trudging to a doctor?s office halfway across town only to wait three hours in a waiting room with sick children running around. UCA, however, offers an alternative - Student Health Services, which is located in the basement of Bernard Hall, a convenient and affordable way for students, faculty and staff to seek medical … [Read more...]

Arkansas State Science Fair at UCA

More than 300 of the state's best high school science students will test their skills against each other at the Arkansas State Science Fair and the Junior Academy of Science meeting, to be held April 2 and 3 at the University of Central Arkansas. The state science fair is sponsored by the Arkansas Science Fair Association, which is affiliated with Science Service of Washington, D.C. The Junior … [Read more...]

Presentations and Publications

A weekly listing of submitted presentations and publications by UCA faculty and staff. Dr. Joe Horton, College of Business Administration, attended the Midwest Administration Association meeting in Chicago March 17-19. He was elected to the MBAA Advisory Council and as executive secretary of the Midwest Business Economics Association. He also discussed a paper on the Czech economy. Michael … [Read more...]