The University of Central Arkansas Department of Film, Theatre and Creative Writing faculty and students have produced a music video for Don Derby.  Visiting Assistant Professor of Digital Filmmaking Stephen Stanley led the production team. Stanley, an award-winning filmmaker in his own right along with Director of Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival Jen Gerber and UCA Lecturer and Director of Photography Chris Churchill coordinated the semester project for their students.

Derby, a Nashville-based musician, and wife, Lauren, traveled to Conway to work with the students and faculty on campus.

“The film students at UCA had the work ethic of a seasoned crew,” stated Derby, “It was inspiring to work with people who love their craft as much as I love mine. They welcomed 16 hour days with a smile on their face and a spring in their step. I feel truly blessed that I’ve been given the chance to work with this wonderful university and its incredible administration, faculty, staff and students,” expressed Derby.

Smartphone users and their circle of friends and family will relate to the video scenes and song lyrics.  Love Me Like Your iPhone is a video highlighting the life moments impacted by the device.   The social media handles are #donderby #lovemelikeyouriphone #pullyourheadoutofyourapps

UCA Production Crew

The primary mission of the UCA College of Fine Arts and Communication is to prepare the next generation of artists, educators, and communicators.  The department supports and enhances their mission by fostering creativity and innovation in the cinematic, dramatic, and literary arts.

Derby reaches out via social media, releasing his song and music video  Love Me Like Your iPhone on his Facebook fan page @realdonderby and Instagram @donderby.

About Don Derby:
Country to his soul, Don Derby grew up working on his father’s farm in rural Kansas and singing the honky-tonk circuit in Oklahoma before moving to Nashville, Tennessee. For more information www.donderby.com @realdonderby Facebook and @donderby Instagram #donderby #lovemelikeyouriphone #pullyourheadoutofyourapps

Don is a natural entertainer and a gifted songwriter. His live show captures and energizes the audience. “I want everybody to take a roller coaster ride of emotion with me! I want them to feel what I’m singing and at the end of the day be left with a feeling that life is good!” Derby explains.  His audience loves his music and performance, but more importantly, they love him. Real music, real life, and real times. That’s Don Derby.

UCA Faculty and Student Crew Production Team:
Directed by Jen Gerber; Produced by Stephen Stanley and Josue Mpia;  Director of Photography – Chris Churchill; First Assistant Camera – Dalton Kennell; Second Assistant Camera – Gabe Miller; Gaffer – Matt Magdefrau; Grips – Jonathan Erlandson, Tyler Walters and Daniel Nansel; Production Designer – Mika Skaggs; Art Director – Melissa Foster; Hair & Makeup – Nataly Moreno; Wardrobe Supervisor – Rachael Asherman; First Assistant Director – Charissa Martin; Production Coordinator – Bilau Sohail; First Team PA – Stephanie Sawyer;  Nurse – Michelle Churchill; Waiter – Ryan King; Priest – Barry Clifton; Drummer – Jake Sanders; Bass Player – Jager Felice; Lead Guitar – Rob Mathews; Best Man – Stephen Stanley; Maid of Honor – Nathaly Moreno; Background Actors – Misty Jezierski, Mario Martinez, Tremayne Chavis, Sam Bryant, Michele Clements, Abhijeet Singh, Mian Ahmad Bakhtaran, Sudesh Thalia, Rod Vides and Sheila Cook