Past Conferences

Conference Themes and Chairs

2023Changes in Higher Education: From Surviving to ThrivingCarey Roberts, Dean of Online Programs, College of Arts and Sciences, Liberty UniversityUniversity of Central Arkansas
2022The Evolving Roles in Academic LeadershipHal Strough, Dean of the College of Health and Wellness, Northwestern Health Sciences UniversityUniversity of Central Arkansas
2021Preparing for the Future: What's Ahead for Academic LeadershipLupita Murillo Tinnen, Dean of Academic Affairs, Collin CollegeUniversity of Central Arkansas
2020CANCELLED due to COVID-19
2019Collaborative Leadership: Working Together on Common GoalsCarmen Burkhalter, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, University of North AlabamaUniversity of Central Arkansas
2018It's All About the StudentsNicole McZeal Walters, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, University of St, ThomasUniversity of Central Arkansas
2017Leading from the MiddleJeff Robertson, Dean of the College of Natural & Health Sciences, Arkansas Tech UniversityUniversity of Central Arkansas
2016Meeting the Needs of Today's StudentsChris Boyett, Vice Chancellor, Arkansas State University-Heber Springs and Roger Schultz, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, Liberty UnivesrityUniversity of Central Arkansas
2015Making Connections, Building PartnershipsJudy Fellows, Associate Dean, College of Health & Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Louisiana at MonroeUniversity of Central Arkansas
2014Dealing with an Era of Change in Communication and RegulationKatherine Krieg, Dean, School of Arts, Sciences & Health professions, Our Lady of the Lake College and Merribeth Bruning, Dean, Huckabee School of Education, Ouachita Baptist UniversityUniversity of Central Arkansas
2013Leading with Integrity and AccountabilityJames Machell, Dean, College of Education and
Professional Studies, University of Central Oklahoma
University of Central Arkansas
2012Leadership in the 21st CenturyEd Ericson, VPAA John Brown University and Sherilyn Emberton, Provost and VPAA East Texas Baptist UniversityUniversity of Central Arkansas
2011The DeanBette Midgarden, VPAA, Minnesota State University, MoorheadUniversity of Central Arkansas
2010Sustainability In The Academy: Best Practices for DeansJohn M. Peek, Provost and Senior Vice President Glenville State College, West VirginiaUniversity of Central Arkansas
2009The Promotion of Quality Within and Beyond Campus BordersJimmy Ishee, Dean, College of Health Sciences, Texas WomanUniversity of Central Arkansas
2008Emerging Challenges in the AcademyTravis Thompson, Dean, College of Sciences, Harding UniversityUniversity of Central Arkansas
2007Building Bridges, Building Teams: Issues of Change for Academic LeadersHal W. Fulmer, Associate Provost/Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Troy UniversityUniversity of Central Arkansas
2006Instructional Technology for TodayJeff Arrington, Assistant Provost for Student Learning, Abilene Christian UniversityUniversity of Central Arkansas
2005Developing and Evaluating The DeanLorene Stone, Dean, College of Humanities and Public Affairs, Missouri State UniversityUniversity of Central Arkansas
2004Enhancing Quality with Limited ResourcesColleen Durrington, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Abilene Christian UniversityUniversity of Central Arkansas
2003Creative Solutions in Changing Academic EnvironmentsRobert Houston, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Henderson State UniversityUniversity of Central Arkansas
2002Balancing Excellence and Access in Higher EducationMichael Westerfield, Provost, Rochester College (MI)University of Central Arkansas
2001Renewing the Deanship: Clarifying Values, Strengthening OutcomesJames O. Standley, Dean, College of Applied Arts and Sciences, Stephen F. Austin State UniversityUniversity of Central Arkansas
2000Preserving Quality in the AcademyBill Little, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Southwest Baptist UniversityTexas Woman's University
1999Deans as Managers, Collaborators, Traitors: Addressing and Managing ChangeMartin Johnson, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Missouri Western State CollegeTexas Woman's University
1998Changing Paradigms: From Teaching to LearningJeanine Varner, VPAA, Oklahoma Christian UniversityUniversity of Memphis
1997The Academic Dean as a Custodian of CredibilityLamar Johanson, Dean, Arts & Sciences, Tarleton State University (TX)University of Memphis
1996Building QualityLeonard Schulze, VPAA and Dean, Texas Lutheran CollegeUniversity of Memphis
1995Growing the College: From Faculty to Funds, From Curricula to CultureWilkes Berry, Associate Provost, Texas WomenUniversity of Memphis
1994Assessment in Higher Education: Path To Innovation or Road to Conformity?
(last meeting at Oklahoma State University)
Glenn H. Bernet, Jr., Vice President of Academic Affairs Evangel University (MO)Oklahoma State University
1993Preparing Administrators of Today For University of TomorrowDick Cording, Dean College of Liberal Arts, Sam Houston State UniversityOklahoma State University
1992Renewal Personal, Institutional, Intellectual: Passages in a Dean's LifeAnnette Chappell, Dean, Liberal Arts, Towson State UniversityOklahoma State University
1991Endangered Species: The Dean in a Time of TransitionDon Looser, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Houston Baptist UniversityOklahoma State University
1990Keeping the Deans Human: Balancing Conflicting DemandsLawrence A. Davis, Jr., Dean, Arts and Sciences, University of Arkansas - Pine BluffOklahoma State University
1989Assessment in Higher Education: Tool of Enhancement or Harassment?E. Don Williams, Academic Dean, Lubbock Christian CollegeOklahoma State University
1988Higher Education and the Public Schools: Allies or Antagonists?Cal Ledbetter, Dean, Arts and Sciences, University of Arkansas - Little RockOklahoma State University
1987The Economics of Higher EducationJohn Churchill, Dean of the College and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Hendrix CollegeOklahoma State University
1986The Deans and the Students of TomorrowJohn H. Wakeley, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Memphis State UniversityOklahoma State University
1985Education for the Twenty-First Century: The Professorate, Curricula, and Applied TechnologyGeorge T. Tade, Dean, School of Fine Arts, Texas Christian UniversityOklahoma State University
1984The Role of the Dean in the Search for Educational ExcellenceJames V. Reese, Dean, Stephen F. Austin State UniversityOklahoma State University
1983Qualities of Academic LeadershipWilliam J. Watt, Dean, Washington and Lee UniversityOklahoma State University
1982Funding Realities vs. Academic QualityC. K. (Bud) Williamson, Dean, Miami UniversityOklahoma State University
1981The Dean and the Students of the EightiesCharles E. Martin, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mississippi CollegeOklahoma State University
1980Academic Job Satisfaction Varieties and ValuesJane F. Earley, Dean, Mankato State UniversityOklahoma State University
1979Revising the Dean's Sights of the Four R'sA. L. Langvardt, Hastings CollegeOklahoma State University
1978Liberal Education vs. Career Education: Antagonists or Bedfellows?Thomas B. Brewer, Dean, East Carolina UniversityOklahoma State University
1977The Job of the Dean: Present and FutureLawrence L. Graves, Dean, Texas Tech UniversityOklahoma State University
1976Faculty DevelopmentC. Robert Haywood, Washburn UniversityOklahoma State University
1975Problems and Potentialities of Lifelong LearningAdrian H. Danne, Dean, University of Missouri, RollaOklahoma State University
1974New Pressures on the DeanDan T. Bedsole, Provost and Dean Austin CollegeOklahoma State University
1973Evaluating PerformanceWilliam L. Stamey, Dean, Kansas State UniversityOklahoma State University
1972Achieving Academic Quality with Reduced BudgetsRobert H. Farber, Dean, DePauw UniversityOklahoma State University
1971AccountabilityJoe P. Harris, Dean, Southern Methodist UniversityOklahoma State University
1970Decision-Making on the CampusHarold J. Haverkamp, Dean, Hanover CollegeOklahoma State University
1969Changing Roles in the Academic CommunityElsworth P. Woods, Dean, Drake UniversityOklahoma State University
1968The Challenge of the Next DecadeRobert P. Ashley, Vice President, Ripon UniversityOklahoma State University
1967Organizational Structures for Improved IntercommunicationsKarl E. Limper, Dean, Miami UniversityOklahoma State University
1966Campus Conflict and ConfluenceLeo L. Nussbaum, Dean, Austin CollegeOklahoma State University
1965Tomorrows Teachers and Professors: Our ResponsibilityAlfred R. Neumann, Dean, University of HoustonOklahoma State University
1964The Role of the Academic DeanEmerson Shuck, Dean, Ohio Wesleyan UniversityOklahoma State University
1963The Campus Intellectual ClimateIvan B. Stone, Dean, Beloit CollegeOklahoma State University
1962Unity and Diversity in Higher EducationRobert B. Kamm, Dean, Oklahoma State UniversityOklahoma State University
1961Direction in Higher Education, Our ResponsibilityH. B. Smith, Dean, Hardin Simmons UniversityOklahoma State University
1960Building Basic ValuesWilliam L. Dunn, Dean, Lake Forest CollegeOklahoma State University
1959The Excitement of LearningFrank W. Clippinger, Dean, Drury CollegeOklahoma State University
1958Evaluation of Student AchievementMerrill Patterson, Dean, Marietta CollegeOklahoma State University
1957What is Effective Training?E. Ray McCartney, Dean, Kansas State CollegeOklahoma State University
1956Plans and Specifications for Meeting the Challenges of the Next DecadeW. Francis English, Dean, University of MissouriOklahoma State University
1955The Dean in Initiating and Shaping Institutional PolicyErnest G. Hildner, Jr., Dean, Illinois CollegeOklahoma State University
1954The Functions of the Dean: His Duties and RelationshipsWendel S. Dysinger, Dean, Mac Murray CollegeOklahoma State University
1953The Challenge of the Gifted StudentEmil Leffler, Dean, Albion CollegeOklahoma State University
1952Emerging Patterns in Higher EducationEmil Leffler, Dean, Albion CollegeOklahoma State University
1951Defining, Activating, and Evaluating Institutional ObjectivesSidney Hook, Professor Psychology, New York UniversityOklahoma State University
1950The Evaluation and Improvement of TeachingRussell M. Cooper, Assistant Dean, College of Science, Literature and the Arts - University of MinnesotaOklahoma State University
1949The Human Element in College Director and University AdministrationDexter M. Keezer, Department of Economics, McGraw-Hill Book CompanyOklahoma State University
1948Implementing the General Education ProgramClyde M. Hill, Chairman Department of Education, Yale University Graduate SchoolOklahoma State University
1941Problems of the DeanCharles Prall, Commission on Teacher Education, American Council on EducationOklahoma State University